Meet Trax G+: The Next Generation of Smart GPS Trackers, LTE-M Enabled

Trax G+ is one of the first consumer-grade GPS trackers with 4G connectivity.

Stockholm, Sweden – February 5, 2019 – WTS Positioning Solutions released the next generation of smart GPS trackers: Trax G+. Top of the range is Trax G+ 4G LTE-M. This is one of the first 4G LTE trackers commercially available on the market.

The new model supports 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT standards, with both European and US models available.

Trax G+ What’s in the Box

Trax G+ is one of the smallest and smartest GPS trackers for personal use. It has real-time tracking capability with update rates of up to every 10 seconds. But for customised industrial applications, the new Trax G+ can support up to 2 updates per second. It also comes with Wireless Charging and IP68 Water Resistance.

In addition, The Trax G+ App, available in the App Store and Google Play, has a wide range of features. It includes Unlimited Geofences, Augmented Reality Tracking, Speed Alerts and Location History, as well as the possibility to track multiple devices and device sharing.

These features have made it possible for WTS to lead the way in safety innovations beyond the enterprise scope. The company is working closely with brands across several consumer markets – from sports gear to event management, security, search & rescue, homecare and telecommunications.

ISPO ‘Gold winner’ 2019 with POCito VPD Air Vest + TRAX POC Edition.

A special collaboration with POC sports brand just resulted in an ISPO ‘Gold winner’ award for the POCito VPD Air Vest + TRAX POC edition. The vest is a child-specific back protection for winter sports and is designed to store a TRAX POC Edition device. Thus, it is an integrated system that allows parents to monitor and keep children safe on the slopes.

POCito Vest Trax Edition – ISPO 2019 Gold Winner

“While 4G NB-IoT and LTE-M networks have an accelerated worldwide deployment, it is exciting to see the opportunities and real-life applications, putting us at the forefront of the developments taking place.

We are among the first to be able to support the technology with cutting edge, real-time GPS trackers and innovative solutions. Our partnership with POC is just the beginning of what can really be done with location services in sports, events, home care and home automation.” 

Michel Bracké, CEO WTS Positioning Solutions AB

WTS Positioning Solutions have also released two new and improved GPS models. Trax G+ 3G and 2G versions complete the new Trax G+ range and offer a worldwide service.

You can already pre-order the new GPS devices online, via Pre-orders started shipping in December and will continue until March 2019, when the company plans a full product release.

An additional data plan purchase is required for the device to work. Trax G+ Data Plans come in 6, 12 and 24 months pre-paid packages and offer international coverage and free roaming in all supported countries.

Company Information

WTS Positioning Solutions are specialists within the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) industry, supplying personal GPS trackers, plus customised hardware, software, server and data solutions for high precision real-time location and tracking information. 

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