New Trax G+ App will replace the Trax Play App

Trax Play App Service Upgrade Notification

Tuesday, July 30, 02:00 EST | 6:00 UTC Trax G+ App (iOS, Android & web versions) will permanently replace the Trax Play App for Trax Play devices. As of this date, all Trax Play DEVICES and corresponding USER ACCOUNTS will be migrated and will be accessed on the new Trax G+ App.

Trax GPS Mobile App

Data that will be transferred automatically:

  • User login credentials and profile information
  • Trax Play Trackers added to the account
  • Trax Play Trackers history from the Trax Play App
  • Geofences list and Settings
  • Schedule & Alerts Settings
  • Data Plans associated with the Trax Play Trackers

The Trax Play App will be shut down / phased out after July 30, 2019.

What you need to do? Nothing at the moment! We’re taking care of everything.

What to keep in mind

1. Until July 30 you will still use the Trax Play App.

2. DON’T CREATE a new Trax G+ account before the migration. Your account will be automatically created.

3. Your account and all your data will be automatically transferred to the Trax G+ servers on July 30.

4. Trax will undergo a scheduled maintenance on July 29 from 02:00 EST | 06:00 UTC to July 30 02:00 EST | 06:00 UTC. During the migration window, you will still be able to log in to the Trax Play App, however changes to your account will not be saved.

As of July 30 02:00 EST | 06:00 UTC, you will log in to your account and you will be able to track your Trax GPS devices with the Trax G+ App.

You will need to download the new app from App Store or Google Play. You can also use the Trax G+ Web App here:


After July 30 we recommend you delete the Trax Play app from your phone.

The Trax Play App will undergo a phasing out process and might still be opened for a limited period of time, but will no longer be available for download and will not be updated.


Why are you doing this?

We want all our customers to have access to the latest app and for those of you with both Trax Play and Trax G+ devices, from July 30 you will be able to see and manage all your trackers in the same app, without having to switch.

Is my Trax Play device going to work with the new Trax G+ App?

Yes. As of July 30, your Trax Play device will be fully compatible with the Trax G+ App.

Can I add my Trax Play device to the Trax G+ App now?

Not yet. The Trax Play devices will only work on the new app as of July 30.

Do I need to buy a Trax G+ device?

No. You don’t have to buy the new Trax G+ device. Your Trax Play devices will work.

I already have a Trax G+ account. What happens?

If the account is registered on the same email address, the two accounts will merge.

I have both Trax Play and Trax G+ accounts and devices. What happens?

If the two accounts are registered on the same email address, the two accounts will merge. Your Trax Play Trackers will be added to your Trax G+ Trackers list and your Trax Play Geofences will be added to the Geofences lists. If you would like to keep accounts separated, please contact us at:

Is my data plan going to be transferred?

Yes. Your data plan will be transferred and associated with the same Trax Tracker.