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AngelSense Watch GPS Tracker Review: Pros, Cons, and Performance

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Are you looking for an accurate location tracker for your kid with special needs? Or a tracker that can help you better care for your elderly parents?

The AngelSense watch GPS tracker is a device that can do much more than provide location details. It uses AI technology to learn routines and help with proactive monitoring and alerts.

It is equipped with an assistive speakerphone, which you can use to provide remote support to your loved one. It offers emergency search tools with which you can get and share the live location of the tracker with others.

The watch tracker can assist in preventing wandering, elopement, and bullying. With the tracker, your kids or elderly family members can lead independent lives. And if they need help, it is just a click away.

The subscription plans for the tracker can be on the expensive end. The tracker, with its design and features, though, has potential. Relying on my expertise in GPS tracking technology, I have tested the device on factors like wearability, usability, accuracy, and performance.

The article will take you through our findings and help you decide if the AngelSense tracker is worth investing in.

Product Overview
ModelAngelSense Watch
Dimension1.87 x 1.39 x 0.66 inches
Weight1.6 ounces
BatteryRechargeable, (Up to 16 hours depending on use)
Network4G LTE, Advanced GPS Data
CoverageUS, Canada, and the UK
SIMEmbedded, (US: AT&T or T-Mobile, Canada: Rogers, UK: O2)
Tracking RangeUnlimited distance
Location UpdatesFrom every 10 seconds
NotificationsPush and/or email
Device CostStarts from $79.00
SubscriptionStarts from $44.99 to $64.99
Customer SupportOnline Help Center
Live Chat
Amazon Rating4.2 out of 5

Our Rating



Ease of Setup

Ease of Use



Tech Support

Value for Money

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

About AngelSense

About AngelSense

AngelSense trackers are designed to keep young kids, teens, and seniors safe while they also get to enjoy a sense of independence.

Their product line includes GPS1, GPS4, and watch trackers. They offer various sensory-friendly and non-removable wearing options.

Their customer support team is staffed with parents of special needs children. So you know your queries and concerns are attentively listened to and not dismissed as trivial.

You can contact them through email, live chat, and call. You can also visit their online help center to learn more about the device and app features.

Who is the AngelSense Watch GPS Tracker For?

The AngelSense trackers are designed for kids with special needs. But you can use it to track, monitor, and provide remote support to your loved ones despite their age.

For example, if you are the caregiver for a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you can better care for them using the tracker. If they leave home on their own, you can receive alerts as per the virtual fence you set. You can call them up and guide them back home.

You could simply make a 1-way call and listen to what they are up to during the day.

The voice features can also be helpful if your kids are too young for a smartphone or they cannot operate one.

The tracker would be an ideal choice if frequent location updates are a priority. It also comes with different wearable options so your loved one can wear the watch comfortably and not accidentally remove or lose it.

5 Important Factors We Tested the AngelSense Watch GPS Tracker On

5 Important Factors We Tested the AngelSense Watch GPS Tracker On

Until now, I have been talking about the tracker’s features and potential to help individuals track and monitor their loved ones. The watch tracker looks good on paper, but how does it actually deliver on its claims? Let us find out.

1. Design

AngelSense recommends the watch tracker be worn by young adults or seniors who want to live more independently and have a sense of security.

The dimensions of the sleek watch are 1.87 x 1.39 x 0.66 inches. It weighs about 1.6 ounces. The original watch strap is made from TPU. It fits wrist widths from 12 to 22 cm. You can choose from other watch straps like:

  • Smartwatch style, made from silicone.
  • Soft-breathable and made from TPU.
  • Sport strap, made from nylon webbing.

If your kids or parents tend to remove the watch, you can opt for lockable watch straps. The strap is made from TPU and includes a locking mechanism, which can only be opened using a key.

Inside the box, you will receive the watch tracker + SIM card, magnetic charging dock, and USB charging cable.

The device has an IPX7 water protection rating. It should be able to withstand minor spills and splashes, but it is not to be worn in heavy rain or while swimming.

If your loved one has sensory issues, I recommend you consider the AngelSense wearable tracker.

2. Battery

The AngelSense watch tracker has a battery life of up to 16 hours. The watch has a shorter battery life compared to the wearable tracker.

The tracker is always in monitoring mode; it does not offer standby mode. This is because the brand does not want to compromise the safety of your loved ones. It wants to be able to provide you with live location details whenever required.

If you want to preserve battery, AngelSense recommends you name and customize geofences, ensure the borders are large enough so they do not trigger false alerts, and use voice features only when required.

It takes about an hour for the watch device to charge. Ensure you charge the device entirely until it is ready to use.

As of now, if you use the watch tracker, there is no getting around charging the device daily.

3. Usability

You must fully charge the AngelSense watch before you begin the setup process. Placing the tracker on the charging dock should turn it on in about 20 seconds.

The watch does not have a power-on button. It automatically turns on while charging and turns off when it runs out of battery.

Download the AngelSense app and register. Once the device is charged, you should move it at least 1.5 miles from the charging point. This will allow the device to connect to GPS and local towers in the area.

You can now use the app to set geofences and customize notifications and voice features. The app is easy to use. You will find your account details, device settings, and alerts all under the main profile tab.

4. Features

You can get location updates every 10 seconds to 30 minutes depending on the mode. For example, if the runner mode is activated, the update frequency is changed to 10 seconds. If your loved one is traveling, you get updates once every 30 seconds.

If the tracker is inside a named place like your home or a family member’s place, you will receive updates once every 30 minutes or more, depending on movement.

You can set up unlimited geofences. Typically, these fences are added with a default size and name, but you can give them custom names and adjust the boundaries as needed. You will receive entry and exit notifications for these geofences.

You can share the tracker’s location with other family members, caregivers, or law enforcement officers. You can do so via text or email. You can choose to send the current or live location of the tracker. The link remains active for the duration you select or up to 24 hours.

You can make 1-way voice calls to check in on your kid or parent during the day. The incoming call will not ring aloud, and the tracker will auto-answer it.

5. Performance

In terms of location updates and accuracy, the tracker delivers. For example, if you need frequent location details, the 10 to 30-second updates work well. The accuracy was good in most open places.

The accuracy can be affected in urban areas as GPS requires a clear line of sight to function well. So expect the accuracy to be a bit off if you are surrounded by buildings or dense vegetation.

Features like live location sharing are useful as you can seek help from family and friends to look after your loved one. You will receive alerts in a few seconds up to a minute.

With the voice features, you need to speak clearly and loudly for the other person to hear you well. But refrain from making frequent calls as voice calls can significantly drain the battery.

Also, the voice features are limited to 60 minutes/month. You can buy additional minutes. But this is a bit disappointing considering the high monthly plans.

What Sets the AngelSense Watch GPS Tracker Apart from its Competitors?

What Sets the AngelSense Watch GPS Tracker Apart from its Competitors

If your loved one does not have a smartphone or cannot use one, you can keep in touch with them through the tracker. The AngelSense watch supports two-way calling.

The feature is helpful in cases wherein you need to help your loved one get through a task, calm them down in case of a meltdown, or talk to them in case of an emergency.

Only numbers that the primary guardian authorizes can call the AngelSense watch. You can authorize up to 10 such numbers.

You can control how long you want the watch to ring before the call is auto-answered. You can also adjust the ring and speaker volume. AngelSense recommends you set the volume at the highest level so the device wearer can hear the call clearly.

Should You Purchase the AngelSense Watch GPS Tracker?

If you want to monitor your child with special needs or elderly patients, the AngelSense watch can be a good buy. It provides frequent location updates. It uses AI to provide improved location accuracy.

It provides unlimited geofences and alerts. You can make voice calls to the tracker and provide remote support to your loved one.

The battery life is on the shorter end. And the monthly plans can be expensive.

Consider the pros and cons below before buying the watch GPS tracker.


  • The tracker provides location updates from 10 seconds to 30 minutes.
  • It offers unlimited geofences, alerts, and guardians.
  • It automatically sets optimal boundaries for places you visit.
  • It supports one and two-way calls.
  • It provides alerts for potential emergencies and unexpected places.
  • The SOS button can request a call from the guardian or call them directly.


  • Its battery life can only last up to 16 hours.
  • Only 60 minutes/month of voice features are available.
  • The monthly subscription plans can be expensive.
View Latest Price


The AngelSense Watch has a listing price of $229.

You can find the tracker at a discounted price of $79.00 on Amazon. At the time of writing the article, AngelSense was offering a deal wherein you could get the watch for free with an annual subscription.

You will need a subscription plan to use the tracker and the app. The three plans on offer are:

  • Annual – $44.99/month (you must pay annually upfront)
  • Monthly – $49.99/month (you must commit to a yearly contract)
  • Month-to-Month – $64.99/month

Regardless of the plan you choose, you get features like an embedded 4G SIM, unlimited alerts, live safe ride transit tracking, and customer support.

You can buy alternative watch straps for the tracker. These include lockable, soft-breathable, and sport-style watch straps. These straps are available from $24.99 to $49.00.


What type of trackers does AngelSense offer?

AngelSense offers two devices – a watch and a wearable tracker. As the name suggests, you can wear the watch tracker around your wrist. The wearable tracker has several attachment options like a sleeve and non-removable pins, lanyard, belt, band, and belt clip.

How far can the AngelSense watch track?

The AngelSense watch tracker is not limited by distance. It can track over an unlimited distance if it has good cell reception.

Is the AngelSense watch waterproof?

The AngelSense watch has an IPX7 rating. It can handle occasional splashes of water or being attached to wet clothing. But, the brand does not recommend submerging the device in water or putting it in a washing machine.


The AngelSense watch GPS tracker can track and monitor your kids, adults, and seniors. The device has an IPX7 rating. You can choose from different watch strap options.

It provides accurate location updates from 10 seconds to 30 minutes. You can set unlimited geofences and receive entry and exit notifications.

You can share the tracker location with other caregivers. You can make one and two-way calls to the tracker. Only numbers authorized by the primary guardian can access the tracker.

The battery life can last up to 16 hours. The monthly plans are expensive, but the device delivers in terms of value.

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