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AngelSense Personal Hidden GPS Tracker for Kids

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The AngelSense GPS4 can help you track kids with special needs, teens, senior parents, or people with dementia.

The tracker offers AI-powered solutions. These solutions help improve GPS accuracy and provide proactive alerts.

You can get live location updates. Or you can view the detailed timeline of the tracker at the end of the day.

It offers unique alerts like when your loved one visits an unknown place or when they are in transit on foot or by car. You can set as many geofences as you need.

The GPS4 offers 1-way and 2-way voice features. The device automatically answers without your child needing to press a button or do anything.

The tracker can be attached or placed in multiple ways. For example, it can be discreetly attached to your kid’s clothing or backpack, or you can buy accessories like the armband or belt clip.

The monthly service plans are comparatively pricey. So, is the AngelSense hidden GPS tracker worth the money? Let us find out.

Device Overview
Model NameAngelSense GPS4
Device Dimensions2.4 x 1.73 x 0.63 inches
Weight1.4 ounces
Diameter1.87 inches
Type4G LTE, Advanced GPS Data
CoverageUS, Canada, and UK
BatteryRechargeable Battery life - up to 24 hours
SIM CardEmbedded(AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, and O2 service plans available)
Tracking RangeUnlimited Distance(depends on cellular reception)
Device Cost$59
SubscriptionStarts from $44.99 to $64.99
Customer SupportOn-boarding support call Emergency support is available 24/7
Amazon Rating4.0 out of 5 (628 ratings)

Our Rating


Battery Life







Overall Rating: 4.0/5

About AngelSense

The brand creates products that help children with special needs be safe. They also help them enjoy a sense of security and independence.

They offer GPS-enabled devices like the GPS1, GPS4, and the Watch. All trackers continuously monitor location to ensure maximum safety.

The AngelSense customer support team is staffed with parents of special needs children. So, they are well aware of the challenges parents face.

They use the AngelSense trackers themselves. The staff relies on their experience and training to help users with concerns and queries.

Who is the AngelSense GPS Tracker For?

The AngelSense GPS tracker is designed for kids with special needs. But you can use it to monitor your kids, teens, or seniors

Due to its continuous monitoring feature, the tracker can provide accurate live location details. You can create unlimited geofences. You see movements within such predefined safe zones.

The GPS4 comes with various non-removable wearing options. These options ensure the tracker stays on your loved ones throughout the day.

The tracker offers intelligent alerts like transit monitoring, late departure, and arrival and fall detection.

You can assign multiple guardians and decide on the permissions they can have. For example, you can set up a school guardian to receive notifications during school hours.

Other family members can have extra permissions like 1-way and 2-way voice calls and user management.

The tracker cannot stop wandering behavior, but it can notify you of unexpected stops and emergencies.

5 Important Factors We tested the Device for

The AngelSense tracker seems good on paper. But does it perform well in real life as well? We tested the GPS4 tracker on factors like build quality, battery life, ease of setup and use, and features.

1. Design


The AngelSense GPS4 has evolved from the GPS1 design and is now more compact and lightweight. The GPS4 tracker’s dimensions are 2.4 x 1.73 x 0.63 inches, weighing 1.4 ounces.

The GPS4 tracker is water-resistant. It can handle minor spills, splashes, and submersion in shallow water for a short period. If you need waterproofing options, you can buy protective cases and pouches with an IPX8 rating.

Inside the box, you will receive the GPS device embedded with the SIM, a sensory-sensitive wearing sleeve, three non-removable fasteners, a magnetic key, and a USB charging cable.

What I liked about the design was the different non-removable and removable wearing options available.

For example, the cut-to-fit belt made from lycra and non-woven felt fabric is a sensory-friendly wearing option. When you use it with the fastener and magnetic key, it becomes non-removable.

Some removable wearing options include the armband, lanyard, belt clip, and watch band.

The AngelSense GPS4 tracker design shows significant improvement over GPS1.

2. Battery Life

The AngelSense tracker includes a rechargeable battery. The GPS4 has a battery life of about 24 hours, depending on usage. It takes around 2 hours to charge the GPS4 device. It’s an improvement on GPS1, which took about 4 hours to charge.

AngelSense trackers only use continuous monitoring. You will not find a standby mode on these devices. This ensures you can always access your loved one’s location, but on the flip side, it lessens the battery life.

So you must charge the device daily.

That said, you will get charging reminders, so you don’t have to check for battery regularly.

To preserve battery life, try techniques like ensuring the geofences are large enough and well-placed. This can help reduce the false alerts as well. Use 1-way and 2-way voice call features moderately.

Poor cellular reception can also drain the battery quicker. So check for cellular coverage in your area beforehand.

3. Usability


You first charge the device to get started with the setup process. The tracker will turn on when you plug in the charger.

You will see the red LED light blinking on the tracker’s side. Once fully charged, the light will turn solid.

You must download the AngelSense app and create an account. For the tracker to acquire a signal, move it a minimum of 1.5 miles from the charging location. This will help the tracker connect to cellular towers and GPS in your area.

The green LED light shows the quality of the cellular network. The blue LED light shows the quality of the GPS signal.

You can have multiple primary guardians looking over the tracker. You can add them under the Users section in Settings.

The AngelSense app offers push notifications and or email alerts.

4. Features

The GPS4 tracker provides location-specific notifications. For example, the tracker starts learning your child’s routine and automatically sets geofences. You can name and customize these geofences through the app. It would be best to do so to preserve the battery.

You can then receive arrival and departure alerts. For example, when your child leaves home and reaches school. You can also know how and when they are traveling. Suppose your child does not leave school or reach a particular destination on time. In that case, you can get a late departure and arrival alert.

You can access an unlimited detailed history timeline. You can check the locations your child visited, their transit details, and other activities.

Your loved one can press the SOS button to call for help. You can set unlimited guardians and have control over their permissions. You can assign school teachers or other family members such guardian roles.

Using the step counter, you could check your child’s activity levels. You can use the information to encourage them to be more active during the day.

5. Device Performance

Device Performance

There are different map types available on the AngelSense app. You can have the map in a regular street, terrain, or satellite view. You can also access Google Street View and have the option to view traffic.

If location updates are the reason why you need a tracker, then the AngelSense tracker delivers. Its location details are pretty accurate.

One of the emergency features I liked was the runner mode. In this mode, the tracker sends location updates every 10 seconds.

The AngelSense app also supports unlimited live location sharing. You can share the location details with first responders or family members without giving them access to the app or settings. You can control how long the third person can track the device – usually up to 24 hours.

Performance-wise, the GPS4 tracker and the AngelSense app are a good investment.

What Sets the AngelSense GPS Tracker Apart from its Competitors?

The tracker uses AI to learn the wearer’s routine. For example, it will learn where your child usually goes and when they return and create geofences. If your child visits such places, you will be notified. When your child is in an unnamed location, the tracker will update every 30 seconds for the first 10 minutes.

If the unnamed place is a known location, add a name to it through the app to reduce false alerts.

The AngelSense GPS4 supports voice features. You can use the 1-way voice feature to listen to your child’s surroundings.

In cases where GPS updates are not possible, for example, indoors, you can quickly confirm your child is in the location they are supposed to be.

It also offers a 2-way voice feature. The tracker automatically answers the call without your kid needing to press a button or do anything else.

Only authorized numbers can use the voice features. You can set up to 10 such contact numbers.

Should You Purchase the AngelSense GPS Tracker?

Should You Purchase the AngelSense GPS Tracker

The AngelSense hidden GPS tracker can be a good purchase if you want to track your loved ones. It comes with several non-removable wearing options.

Thanks to the tracker’s continuous monitoring feature, you can get live location details. It provides good accuracy. It offers intelligent alerts like transit, arrival, departure, fall detection, and SOS.

Battery can be an issue. The device must be charged daily. Its subscription plans are also on the higher end.

Go through the pros and cons before buying the GPS4 tracker.


  • It comes with non-removable wearing options.
  • It auto-learns routine and provides proactive alerts.
  • You can make a 1-way voice call to listen in.
  • You can make a 2-way voice call.
  • It provides unlimited history timeline access.
  • It provides emergency search tools to find your loved ones quickly.


  • The monthly plans can be expensive.
  • Its battery life is limited to 24 hours.
  • Only 60 minutes/mo of call time are offered with the subscription plans.
View Latest Price


The AngelSense hidden GPS tracker is typically priced at $59.

The company runs several promotions wherein you can get the device at a discounted rate or for free. For example, with a yearly contract, you can get the tracker for free at the time of writing.

AngelSense offers three subscription plans:

  • Annual: $44.99/mo (paid yearly upfront)
  • Monthly: $49.99/mo (With 1-year contract)
  • Month-to-Month: $64.99/mo

These plans only differ in terms of pricing but offer the same features. For example, all these plans include real-time GPS tracking, unlimited guardians, alerts and geofences, and voice features.

AngelSense charges a one-time activation fee. The fee is $59 for the month-to-month plan. For the monthly and annual plans, the fee is $19.

You can purchase optional wearing accessories like the cut-to-fit belt, undershirt, armband, or belt clip. These accessories can cost anywhere from $5.99 to $29.99.


What is the best way to hide the AngelSense GPS tracker?

The best way to hide the GPS tracker is to attach it using the protective sleeve in a non-removable manner. You can attach the device to your loved one’s clothes, belt, or backpack. You can also buy accessories like the belt and the undershirt.

How far can the AngelSense device track?

There’s no limit to how far the Angelsense can track, provided the cellular reception is good.

Is the AngelSense GPS4 waterproof?

No, the tracker is water-resistant and not waterproof. You can buy waterproof accessories like the mini and standard-sized non-removable protective pouch or the waterproof case with a lanyard.

Final Thoughts

The AngelSense hidden GPS tracker is designed for kids with special needs, but you can also track your teens and senior family members.

You can safely attach the tracker to your loved one’s clothing or backpack. It offers a sensory-sensitive sleeve, which makes attaching the tracker easier. You can explore other attachment accessories like the undershirt, watch band, lanyard, or belt clip.

It provides reliable location details. Other features include using AI to auto-learn your child’s routine, detect variations and notify, 1-way listen-in and 2-way voice call, unlimited geofences, a history timeline, and an SOS button for emergencies.

The AngelSense monthly prices are on the higher end. But it delivers in terms of setup, ease of use, and performance.

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