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AutoSky GPS Tracker for Motorcycle (Updated)

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Are you always worried that the dream motorcycle you bought with years of hard-earned money may be stolen? Or do you fear that your friends might rashly drive your precious car when they take it out for a spin? With enhanced GPS trackers equipped with superior technology, you can now keep a track of your vehicles remotely with ease.

One such amazing tracker that will protect your motorcycle and other vehicles in every way is the AutoSky GPS tracker. This GPS tracker sends you accurate signals over a long range. It can send you real-time signals every three minutes. Once you are connected to the app, you can use a cellular signal to get your bike’s reading. Besides, it is also equipped with a built-in magnet and superior splashproof features.

The AutoSky GPS tracker is also easy on your pocket. It comes with a feasible subscription plan and is easy to install. Let us go through an AutoSky GPS Tracker review and check if you should consider buying it.

Product Overview
ModelAutoSky GPS Tracker
Dimensions4.13 x 3.23 x 1.65 inches
Weight5.9 ounces
MaterialABS Cover
ConnectivityWireless with cellular connectivity
Tracking DistanceAnywhere with cellular coverage
MonitoringMonitoring Mobile Cloud App AutoSky+
Special featuresSplashproof
Cost$ 19.99
Amazon Rating3.6 out of 5

Our Rating








Tech Support

Overall Rating: 3.6/5

About AutoSky

About AutoSky

Autosky is a highly reputed brand that manufactures superior tracking devices. The brand has over twenty years of experience in the automotive electronic and connectivity industry. The brand has over 100 researchers worldwide who work relentlessly to develop the best tracking technology.

Their premium customer support has ensured a loyal customer base over the years. Their devices are apt for vehicles and mobile asset management. Their devices use simple yet effective 4GE real-time technology, and most of them run on cellular service. Users can track their vehicles through the AutoSky+ mobile app on an affordable subscription plan.

Who can Use the AutoSky GPS Tracker?

You don’t have to lose sleep worrying your expensive motorcycle may be stolen. Or, if anyone damages your car when they borrow it. You can discreetly track your vehicle by installing the tracker using the built-in magnetic installation. It will stick easily on any metal surface.

You can activate geo-fencing on your tracker and set boundaries beyond which you don’t want your vehicle to go. This is suitable for monitoring youngsters to check if they are maintaining driving rules! The splashproof technology ensures that the device can withstand splashes of water or mud and keep functioning accurately.

With cellular connectivity and GPS technology, you will be notified if your motorcycle crosses a particular boundary. The tracker allows daily use, so anyone who needs to use a tracker frequently can rely on it, as it can give two weeks of reading on a single battery charge on default settings.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

Important Factors We Tested the Product On

The AutoSky GPS Tracker comes with a sleek design and offers several features. But should you really consider investing in it? Is it as great as the brand promises? Let us have a look at some of its features.

1. Design

The AutoSky tracker is a portable and wireless device that is easy to install and use. The package includes the tracking device, one battery, one micro USB cable for charging the battery, and the user manual.

The device is 5.9 ounces in weight and has a compact design of 4.13 x 3.23 x 1.65 inches. Its sleek design allows it to stick to the side of any bike or vehicle without being obvious.

The tracker is splashproof. Hence, the tracker is well protected from dust, mud, and splashes of water that could often afflict the bike on a long ride. The tracker comes in three sizes- the small portable size, the medium-sized, and the OBD GPS tracker, which is more suitable for larger vehicles like trucks in a fleet.

2. Coverage

The AutoSky tracker provides premium coverage from anywhere with strong cellular and GPS coverage. Hence, if you are driving your vehicle across the borders of the USA, the tracker will still send accurate signals as long as it finds a signal. This is of great help if you have lent your vehicle to someone who is taking it out of state or country borders.

One of the best things about the tracker is that as soon as you activate the AutoSky+ app, the tracker sends you the whereabouts of your vehicle every three minutes on default settings.

If you want more frequent updates, you can change the settings and bring the time as low as 10 seconds. This can be of great help if you want constant monitoring and an extra level of precaution. You can also denote a fenced area using geo-fencing technology so you will know as soon as the bike crosses a particular area.

3. Usability

The AutoSky tracker is easy to use and set up. The built-in magnet lets you install the tracker quickly, and they are strong enough that the tracker won’t budge even on rough terrain. The tracker is easy to use, and you get all relevant data like route history and location on your phone.

You can also switch on the party-sharing mode if you want the information sent on multiple devices. It also prevents loss of data by autosaving every bit of information, and even if you lose contact, you can get everything back on reconnection without worrying about manually saving anything.

4. Tracking Performance

The AutoSky GPS does a good job of tracking your vehicle. The device uses cellular technology that correctly locates your vehicle. The 4G LTE Real Time gives you real-time tracking.

You can use the AutoSky+ app to get all your notifications on your phone. The software not only tracks your device but also saves all data, which you can get access to on reconnecting. So you will be able to go back and check the location, route, and other details of your car without having to worry about losing data.

5. Pricing

The AutoSky GPS tracker is quite affordably priced compared to quite a few of its competitors. However, if you are on a budget, you need to keep the subscription plan in mind.

The device is available for $19.99. The monthly subscriptions start at 16.99 per month. However, it comes down to only $8.99 monthly if you opt for an annual subscription. You can start tracking by downloading the AutoSky+ app, and you can modify the time interval for subscriptions through the app itself.

Why is the AutoSky GPS Tracker Different from its Competitors?

Why is the AutoSky GPS Tracker Different from its Competitors

The AutoSky has many features that make it a sensible choice for your vehicle. But one of the features that sets it apart from its competitors is that it is splashproof. While there are many trackers that are waterproof, splashproofing protects the device from sudden gusts of water, which can be common while driving after heavy rain.

The battery life is also one of the best in its category. The device can give accurate readings for two weeks on a single charge on default settings. For the medium category, this can go up to one month. The OBD tracker can be connected to the car, and you won’t have to worry about charging.

Should You Purchase AutoSky Tracker for your Motorcycle?

The AutoSky is excellent in its performance and offers some high-end and stunning features like geo-fencing, real-time positioning, autosaving data, splashproofing, and along with transitioning from battery-saving mode to intelligent mode. However, it would help if you considered the pros and cons before purchasing.


  • You can use the AutoSky app to track the device.
  • You can set up geo-fencing and get precise real-time tracking.
  • No loss of data on losing connection.
  • Create parties to keep track of multiple vehicles in one place or share information with multiple users.


  • Battery life depletes if notifications are reduced from default three-minute updates.
  • You may not receive signals from regions with weak or no cellular coverage.
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The pricing of the device is quite affordable as it is available for less than $20. The subscription prices are also quite low if you consider the annual subscription, which brings the charges down to $8.99. The monthly subscription stands at $16.99, which is not very expensive either. Considering the features the tracker offers, it is worth trying it out.


Buying a tracker to keep your motorcycle safe is not to be taken lightly. And it is natural to have some questions before buying. Here are some answers that may help.

Is the AutoSky suitable for all motorcycles?

Yes, the tracker is suitable for motorcycles and also with other larger vehicles and even with fleets. You can use them when you have to send an asset somewhere far away and want to keep track of it. Or you could also keep it in your kid’s backpack to easily track them.

Does AutoSky provide an accurate location?

Yes, the tracker provides an accurate location within ten meters of accuracy. You can also set up geo-fencing to determine if your vehicle has left a particular area. You will also get a reading if your vehicle moves 35 degrees or more, and your GPS gets a reading that it is shifted out of your designated area.

Is the AutoSky suitable for daily use?

Yes, the tracker is built for daily use. The superior battery ensures the tracker can go on for two weeks on default settings on a single charge. For the medium and OBD variants, this can be anywhere between two weeks to a month, depending on the frequency of the updates.


The AutoSky GPS tracker is a splash-proof device that provides your motorcycle and other vehicles with excellent security. It also lets you track your kids or pets and get multiple updates with the party mode.

The tracker can send you the accurate location of your vehicle from anywhere that has a cellular connection. The magnetic installation and sleek design let you set it up on any metal surface discreetly. And as soon as you download the Autosky app, you can start using it. We hope that the AutoSky GPS Tracker review helped you with your purchase.

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