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Bouncie GPS Car Tracker Review [Updated, 2023]

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Are you worried about your teen who has recently started driving? Or are you a business owner overwhelmed with managing multiple vehicles?

Bouncie GPS car tracker could be the solution you are looking for. With functionalities like recorded vehicle location, 15 seconds updates, and Google maps overlay, you can see where your teen is driving and the routes they have taken. As a business owner, you can track multiple vehicles with one app.

The small device connects to the OBD port in your vehicle. It is easy to install and use. Some notable features include accident detection and notification, tracking of driving habits, multiple logins, and smart integration.

The monthly subscriptions for the tracker are low, but the device itself can be expensive. So do the features and performance of the tracker justify its price point? Let us start with our Bouncie GPS review to know more.

About Bouncie GPS Tracker

Bouncie works upon the motto of “Be passionate.” They focus on solving real-world problems with technology. Bouncie’s GPS car tracker was designed to make people’s lives easier, smarter, and better.

Bouncie is making away with legacy networks and transitioning to 4G. If you run into issues or have questions about the product, you can chat with the team anytime. Or you could visit their Help Center to find answers.

You can also visit the Bouncie Community to ask for help, share stories, exchange ideas you have on the product and stay updated on the latest news.

Product Overview
ModelBouncie 4G LTE GPS Car Tracker
Dimension1.0 x 1.75 x 1.875 inches
Weight1.13 ounces
Type4G LTE
BatteryNA. Plug into OBD Port
Update Time15 seconds
HistoryUnlimited tip history
Device Price$77
CoverageUS, Canada, Mexico
Monthly Subscription$8
WarrantyLimited warranty against defects and malfunctions
Guarantee45 days money back guarantee
Amazon Rating4.6 out of 5 (4,132 ratings)

Our Rating




Easy to Install

Easy to Use

Value-Added Features


Customer Support

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Who is Bouncie GPS Car Tracker For?

Who is Bouncie GPS Car Tracker For
Image Sourec: motor1.com

Whether you are a parent wanting to ensure your teen is driving safely or a business owner wanting to keep track of your fleet, Bouncie can help.

For example, your teenager is learning to drive and will soon be driving independently. As a parent, being worried is an understandable reaction. With Bouncie, you can know where your teen is and what routes they are taking.

If something were to happen, you could see exactly where the car is. In addition, you can look at their driving history and habits and help them improve their driving skills.

Bouncie can also help monitor your parents or grandparents when they are on the road. Senior car drivers may get lost on unfamiliar paths. After a point, they will have to stop driving, but until then, with Bouncie, you can let them enjoy their freedom with safety.

If you are a business owner with fleet vehicles, you can monitor them all using a single app. The car tracker is adaptable and can be installed on passenger vehicles to heavy trucks. You can get the trip history for all vehicles in a single report. It can be used to protect your vehicles from theft as well.

For safety reasons, if you want to share your location details with other users, you can do so by sharing the login. Bouncie can be accessed on as many devices as you would like.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

So now we have a brief understanding of Bouncie and what it can do. But how does the tracker perform? Does it provide accurate results? How easy is it to install and use?

Our Bouncie GPS review, based on the five factors mentioned below, will help answer your questions.

1. Performance

Image Source: help.bouncie.com

The Bouncie tracker runs on 4G LTE CAT M1 technology. A key benefit of this technology is that it works with the available 4G LTE infrastructure. 

The Bouncie car tracker comes with a mobile app that is free to use. The tracker records your location when driving and updates the app every 15 seconds. We found the tracker results to be over 97% accurate. The refresh rate is also as advertised.

If the tracker loses signal, there are blindspots or other technical glitches, it will continue to track the distance, but the app update will be delayed. And as Bouncie overlays speed, there could be some gaps in your trip history.

The 15 seconds refresh rate suffices for most applications. But if you are looking for real-time tracking or quicker updates, explore other models.

2. Battery

The Bouncie car tracker does not come with a battery. Instead, you can directly plug the device into the car’s OBD port. The tracker will derive power from the car’s battery.

You can typically find the port under the dashboard of the steering wheel column. In some cars, though, the port could be under the passenger-side dashboard.

The no battery can be an advantage as you do not have to worry about removing, charging, and reattaching the tracker. Instead, you plug in the device once; the rest can be managed through the app.

When you stop the car, the tracker continues to monitor the car’s location and device health.

3. Usability

Image Source: hot-newtech.com

The Bouncie tracker is one of the easiest devices we have installed and used. If we consider Amazon reviews, installation and usability have a rating of 4.9 and 4.8, respectively.

The device itself is plug-and-play. You can install it right after unboxing. We recommend you download the Bouncie app and set up your account before connecting the tracker. The app may not recognize the tracker if you plug it in before. You will need details like your car make, model, VIN, and mileage while setting up the account.

You will have to drive around for the first 10 to 15 minutes. This is enough time for the tracker to connect to the app and calibrate. From your second drive onwards, you should start seeing updates on the app.

You can customize various alerts like geo-zones, rapid acceleration, idle time, hard braking, and more using the app.

The user interface is pretty straightforward. You can visit Bouncie’s help section or directly contact support through the chat option in the app for any assistance.

4. Safety

As Bouncie specializes in car tracking, its safety features need consideration. One of the notable features under this category is accident detection. The advanced sensors detect impacts and send an SMS to the numbers in your notification list.

You can request roadside assistance through the app. Bouncie can help you with car towing, fuel delivery – up to 3 gallons, unlocking car doors, and tire changes. Three roadside assistance requests in a year are included in the yearly membership. The service is currently available for US users only.

Bouncie keeps an eye on the vehicle’s health as well. For example, if your car battery level is low, it will send a notification.

5. Value

Image Source: bouncie.com

The Bouncie device is on the pricey end when it comes to car trackers. But with its low monthly subscription plans and location, safety, and insight features, it provides a good return on investment.

For example, if you want your teen to drive around the neighborhood initially, you can set geo-zones. You will get notified when the car leaves or enters the geo-zone.

The events like rapid acceleration and hard braking can provide insights into your teen’s driving habits. Once the trip ends, you get detailed information like the distance covered, the maximum speed, and the number of times an event was triggered.

Using unlimited trip history, you can analyze how your teen’s driving has improved over time. Business owners can use these features to track if their drivers are safe on the road.

You can set these event alerts to be light, moderate, and excessive. For example, in the case of a light setting, if the tracker detects three events in a 20-mile trip, it will trigger an alert.

Fuel level reporting is another useful feature offered by Bouncie. On the app, you can set the fuel level when you want to receive a notification. You will get a notification when the fuel level drops 5% below the limit you have set. This feature is currently available on most but not all vehicles.

There are several other custom alerts, like speed limits and maximum driving distance, you can set on the app. These value-added features are one of the primary reasons we recommend the Bouncie tracker.

What Sets the Product Apart from Competitors?

What Sets the Product Apart from Competitors
Image Source: lifewire.com

One of the unique features we found during our Bouncie GPS review was the tracker ability for smart integration. For example, you can connect the tracker to Alexa, Google, and IFTTT.

With Alexa and Google, you can connect and talk to the tracker. For example, you can ask questions like ‘Alexa, where is my car?’ or ‘Google, how many miles did I drive this week?’

With IFTTT ( If This Then That), you can set up several alerts based on the pre-made applets available on the platform. For example, when you drive to your home, Bouncie can tell your smart home device to turn on the lights or temperature.

We found IFTTT to be the most useful smart integration. However, Google and Alexa integrations still have a long way to go. Now, as IoT devices are increasingly being adopted, the feature has the potential to grow.

Previous Models or Releases in Bouncie

Here are some changes the Boncie GPS car tracker has gone through over the years:

1. Transition to 4G

Transition to 4G
Image Source: komando.com

The Bouncie devices earlier ran on 3G technology. However, as companies like AT&T and T-Mobile phased out their 3G networks in 2022, the 3G Bouncie devices will stop working.

The company has already made the transition to 4G LTE technology. If you have a 3G device, you can contact Bouncie for a replacement. Your monthly subscription plan will remain the same.

2. Coverage

Bouncie was first made available in the US in 2017. However, it was in 2019 that its services were extended to Canada and Mexico.

3. Features

Image Source: automoblog.net

Some of the features added in the last couple of years are accident detection and notification, curfew alerts, fuel tracking, and smart integration.

Should You Purchase the Product?

Bouncie can be a suitable car tracking device for teen drivers and elderly people. It can also be a good investment for businesses wanting to keep their employees and fleet vehicles safe.

Overall, we found the device to be worth the money in terms of design, accuracy, product capabilities, and usability. The app is also intuitive and easy to use. Once you set up your account, you can plug in the tracker and manage it with the app.

We also found the help section pretty informative. Any question you have about Bouncie is already answered. Also, their chat service is a team of actual humans; you will not be talking to a bot.


  • Automatic app updates every 15 seconds.
  • View locations and routes
    with Google maps.
    Choose from the street
    or satellite view.
  • Unlimited trip history is available.
  • Accident detection and notification feature.
  • Smart integration
    with Alexa, Google,
    and IFTTT is offered.
  • Roadside assistance is
    offered to US users.
  • Multiple logins allowed,
    no limit on sharing.


  • Limited warranty
    extended to users in
    North America. Repairs and
    replacements are at Bouncie’s sole discretion.
  • Lacks versatility, limited to
    car tracking.


The Bouncie pricing is as follows:

  • Device – $77
  • Monthly Subscription – $$8
  • Monthly Subscription ( 3 or more devices) – $6.70 per device


Does the Bouncie work when the vehicle is off?

Once you turn off the vehicle, Bouncie goes into low battery mode. Bouncie will always show the vehicle’s location and health at any point as long as it can communicate with the servers.

Does the Bouncie tracker make noise?

No, the Boucnie tracker does not make any noise while the vehicle is being driven. The tracker can be discreet due to its location and small size.

How do I stop the Bouncie subscription?

You can visit Bouncie’s website and log in to your account. Then, in the Devices section, click on the three vertical dots next to the vehicle and click ‘Cancel Subscription.’ You can reactivate the vehicle in the future at no extra cost.

Can you switch Bouncie between different vehicles?

Yes, for vehicles that are 2006 or newer, you can switch the Bouncie tracker between them. However, for vehicles older than 2006, you may manually have to enter details that are typically not reported through the OBD port.

How can I know if the Bouncie tracker was unplugged?

If the Bouncie tracker was unplugged and reinstalled, you would receive a notification with the date and time when the tracker was removed and reinstalled. You can get this notification only once the tracker is reinstalled.

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