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CJC 4G Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker {Updated}

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Do you want to contact your kids without getting them a smartphone? Do you want to track their location? A smartwatch that is budget-friendly and has low monthly fees?

If yes, consider getting the CJC 4G smartwatch. It lets you communicate with your kids. You can talk through voice and video calls. You can add contacts and have control over who can contact your kids.

It has a SOS button which can help alert authorities or family members. You can set alarms and schedules. You can track your kids’ steps and encourage them to be more active.

You can customize and manage the smartwatch through the SeTracker 2 app.

You have to buy a SIM card separately. The smartwatch typically needs to be charged daily. It offers GPS services, but the location details are not the most accurate.

So should you purchase the smartwatch? Let us start with the CJC 4G review to get to the answer.

Product Overview
ModelCJC 4G Kids Smartwatch
Dimensions1.85 x 1.61 x 0.6 inches
Screen Size1.3 inches
BatteryRechargeable battery, 800 mAh
SIMNot included
Location TechnologyGPS+Wifi+LBS
ColorBlue, Black, Pink, Purple
PriceStarts from $49.99
SubscriptionPay for monthly SIM plan
WarrantyNo information available
Amazon Rating3.1 out of 5 (532 ratings)

Our Rating


Ease of Setup

Ease of Use





Tech Support

Value for Money

Overall Rating: 3.1/5

About CJC

CJC is a brand based out of China. It specializes in offering a range of kids’ 4G smartwatches. The devices are meant for kids aged 3 to 12 years.

Most of their smartwatches are budget-friendly. They typically fall in the range of $50 to $75. The smartwatches are equipped with cameras and are capable of voice and video calls.

The brand does not have a website, so customer support is an issue. In case of problems, you must contact the third-party vendor for support.

Who is the CJC 4G Kids Smartwatch For?

Getting your young kids a smartphone early on may not be the best solution to stay in touch with them. A safer alternative would be a 4G smartwatch like the one from CJC.

It lets you introduce technology to your kids in a more controlled environment. You can text, make voice and video calls. You have control over who can talk to your child.

You can track the location of the smartwatch. In case of an emergency, your child can reach out to you with the press of a button. You can remotely access the camera of the smartwatch.

Overall, the CJC 4G smartwatch is for parents and guardians wanting to keep track of their children.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product on

While compiling the CJC 4G review, we considered several factors like design, battery, setup, ease of use, and features. Here is how the smartwatch performed.

1. Design


The smartwatch has dimensions of 1.85 x 1.61 x 0.6 inches. The brand recommends that kids as young as three years can use the watch. But the watch can be bulky for them. You will have to look for thin straps to accommodate the watch.

Design-wise, on the left-hand side, you have the panel for the SIM card. On the right-hand side, you can find the flashlight and the on/off button, which also doubles up as the SOS button. It has an HD touchscreen with a home button on the bottom.

The device has an IP67 rating. It can handle minor spills and splashes. But do not let your child wear the watch for activities like swimming.

Inside the box, you will receive the smartwatch, a charging cable, a screwdriver, a SIM helper, and a user manual.

It would be best to have a power adapter to charge the device. You will need the screwdriver to remove the screws from the side of the watch to insert the SIM. 

Overall, the CJC 4G smartwatch has a decent design for its price range. It is designed using materials like plastic and silicone, so the device is not the best when it comes to durability.

2. Battery

The 4G smartwatch comes with a rechargeable battery. It has a capacity of 800 mAh. It takes about an hour or two to charge the watch. Place the watch screen facing downwards while charging so the magnetic port can fully connect.

The brand suggests the battery may last up to 3 to 5 days. But it all depends on how you use the device.

For example, video calls can be battery-draining activities. You may have to charge the smartwatch daily. If you stick to activities like texts, and alarms, the battery can last for a couple of days.

To conserve battery, you can use the night power saving feature. When activated, the watch will disconnect from all networks between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM to conserve battery.

3. Usability


Before you start with the setup process, ensure the smartwatch is charged. The SIM card must have call and data capabilities. The recommended SIM card is from SpeedTalk T-Mobile.

While inserting the SIM, ensure the chip is facing toward the screen. Use the SIM helper to push the card inside the watch. Power on the watch. You should be able to see the network bars on the home screen as you do on your phone.

The home screen is a digital clock. You have multiple themes available. For example, you can have digital or analog clocks as the watch home screen in various formats.

You need to download the SeTracker2 app to manage the smartwatch. You can scan the QR code on the user manual to download the app. Or you find the app in Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Create an account on the app. Then, pair the watch and smartphone. You must scan the QR code available on the back of the smartwatch through the app. You can then give the device a name and add it.

You can now customize and manage the smartwatch. The watch supports 13 languages. When you open the app, the first three icons you will see on the top are – phonebook, chat, and call.

In the phone book, you can add the numbers that can contact your child and vice versa. In the chat, you can send text and voice messages. But your child can only reply through voice messages or pictures taken through the camera.

The issue with the SeTracker2 app is the number of ads shown. It considerably brings down the usability of the smartwatch. I think paying more to remove the ads is not worth it.

4. Features

The smartwatch has a camera on the top of the screen. Your child can take pictures which will be saved in the gallery. Your child can share the pictures with approved contacts through chat.

You can only save contacts through the app and sync the data with the watch. The watch has the WeChat app. But it does not function like the normal app; only the approved contacts will appear on the app. So you have control over who talks to your kids.

Under the childhood category, your kid can find simple math games to play. You will also find the schedule feature to add your kid’s school, classes, sports, and routine details.

You can set up to three alarms. They can be used to wake your child up from a nap. Or remind them to get ready for extra classes.

Under the health category, you can see the number of steps covered, distance traveled, and calories burnt. You can make a game out of it by setting a target range and, in turn, helping your kid stay active.

Overall, there are a lot of features you can explore with the CJC 4G smartwatch.

5. Performance


The smartwatch would have been an ideal buy only if it lived up in terms of performance. One of the first things you will see when you open the SeTracker2 app is the GPS location of the watch.

The brand mentions it uses GPS+Wifi+LBS to provide location details, but the accuracy is not up to the mark. The actual location of the watch could be blocks away. So if GPS location is a must, opt for other trackers.

One feature that I like is the SOS button. You can set up to three numbers to be alerted in an emergency. But the button can get easily pressed while your child is playing around.

I have come across reviews wherein parents removed the number of emergency services and added their numbers due to false alerts.

After receiving an SOS alert, you can make a video call to assess the situation.

Another feature that I approve of is the find device. Activating the feature will make the watch ring. So you can find the watch if it is stuck between sofa cushions or fallen under the bed.

Overall, the smartwatch and the SeTracker app have decent performance at best and need significant improvements.

What Sets the CJC 4G Kids Smartwatch Apart from its Competitors?

You can make 2-way voice and video calls. The video calls can be made to individual contacts or a group of family members. For this to happen, though, every family member must download the app and scan the QR code at the back of the smartwatch to complete the binding process.

The watch has a torch on the right-hand side. If your child is stuck in a dark room, they can turn on the torch to get out of the room or draw attention to themselves.

The SeTracker2 app has a remote camera feature. You can remotely view what your child is up to or who they are with.

A function restriction feature allows you to turn on/off functions like dial pad and GPS. Again, this gives you more control over who contacts your child.

Should You Purchase the CJC 4G Kids Smartwatch?

The CJC 4G smartwatch can be a decent purchase if you want to reach out to your kids without needing a smartphone.

Text and voice calls are ideal ways to communicate. You can make video calls, but frequent calls drain the watch battery.

If you want to know your child’s location at all times, I strongly recommend you look for other GPS trackers.

Here are some pros and cons for your consideration.


  • You can make 2-way voice and video calls.
  • It has an SOS button for emergencies.
  • You can view your child’s surroundings with the Remote Camera feature.
  • It is a budget 4G smartwatch.
  • You can block calls from unknown numbers to the smartwatch.
  • If misplaced, you can ring the smartwatch using the Find Device feature.


  • You must buy the SIM card separately.
  • The GPS details are not accurate.
  • Video calls can considerably drain the battery.
View Latest Price


The price for the CJC 4G smartwatch starts from $49.99. The cost can go upwards of up to $70.

You must buy a compatible nano SIM card for the watch to work. A typical SIM from Speedtalk costs about $1, and you need a monthly data plan. They have data plans starting from $7.50/month.

You can use the SeTracker2 app for free, but you will be shown ads. You must pay for an upgraded app version to remove the ads. The other recurring fee is the monthly data plan you opt for.


Do all 4G smartwatches include a SIM card?

No. It depends on the brand. For example, brands like TickTalk and PTHTECHUS include SIM cards with smartwatch purchases. But in the case of CJC, you have to buy the SIM separately.

Can I save contacts on the CJC 4G smartwatch?

You can only add contacts on the CJC 4G smartwatch through the SeTracker2 app. The contacts will then sync with the watch. Manually adding and saving new contacts is currently not possible through the watch.

Can you change the band on the CJC 4G smartwatch?

Yes, you can change the band on the CJC smartwatch. You get one cartoon dinosaur watch band as a gift with your purchase.


The CJC 4G smartwatch can help you monitor your kids. It is a safer and more convenient device to use than a smartphone.

You can chat, make voice and video calls. You have control over who talks to your kid and vice versa. It has an SOS button for emergencies. You can set alarms and add schedules.

Your child can take pictures and save them in the gallery. You can track their steps. You can view what is happening around them with the remote camera feature.

It offers GPS location details, but the accuracy is inconsistent. You must buy a SIM card separately. And the battery can drain quicker with video calls.

We hope our CJC 4G review helps you with your purchase decision.

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