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FOCUSER GPS Wireless Dog Fence: Containment & Safety for Pets

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Does your dog often wander off your property? Does it chase cars or small animals? Does it play around your neighbor’s backyard? If yes, consider getting a wireless dog fence system.

The collar device eliminates the need to bury wires that could ruin your lawn. Or using physical fences that your pet could make its way out of.

The ​​FOCUSER GPS wireless dog fence is the safety containment system we will review today.

The device can be used on small to large dogs as the collar length is adjustable from 7 to 26.5 inches. It has a tracking range of 10 to 990 meters.

As you can tell from its name, the dog fence uses GPS technology to determine the fence’s center point and boundary. When your dog crosses the boundary, it will be alerted through a beep, vibration, or shock.

Now, it is up to you to train your dog and help it understand the meaning behind these alerts. FOCUSER provides you control over the alert intensity and bright-colored training flags to help you in the process.

So, is the GPS wireless dog fence worth your investment? Let us find out.

Product Overview
Model​​FOCUSER GPS Wireless Dog Fence System
Suitable ForSmall to large dogs
Collar Length7 to 26.5 inches
Tracking Range10 to 990 meters
BatteryRechargeable, Lasts up to 25 hours
Operating Voltage3.7 V
WarrantyNo information available
Amazon Rating5.0 out of 5.0 (41 ratings)

Our Rating







Value for Money

Overall Rating: 5.0/5


FOCUSER is a brand that specializes in pet containment systems. Its product range includes GPS and electronic dog fence systems and accessories.

You can buy these pet-friendly devices from Amazon. Their products are priced below the $129.95 mark.

You do not need any SIM card or subscription to use their products.

Who is the ​​FOCUSER GPS Wireless Dog Fence For?

If you are looking for ways to safely contain your curious furry friend, the GPS wireless dog fence could be for you.

The collar length is adjustable so that the device can be used for small dogs to large ones. Measure your dog’s collar length to confirm.

FOCUSER claims the fence can be used inside a radius of 10 to 990 meters. The 10-meter radius, though, can be too small for the GPS to work accurately, especially in urban landscapes and country houses with dense trees around. I recommend you buy the device for areas with a radius of 20 meters or more.

The wireless option is also suitable for dog parents who want to avoid dealing with the headache of installing physical or electrical fences.

Please note the fence system cannot function on its own. If you place the collar device on your dog and let it roam around without helping it understand the alerts, the device is pretty useless. It will confuse your pet.

So, the GPS wireless dog fence is for you only if you are willing to spend time and effort training your dog.

5 Important Factors we Tested the Product on

Now we know the FOCUSER dog fence system uses GPS and alerts dogs when they cross the safe boundary area. But how accurate and effective is the system with its positioning and alerts?

We tested the fence system on factors like design, setup, and usability, and here is how it performed.

1. Design

The collar device can be used on small, medium, and large-sized dogs. It’s because the collar length of the device can be adjusted from 7 to 26.5 inches.

The device is waterproof with an IP67 rating. It means the device should be fine when used during rain or while playing around any freshwater source.

On the top of the device, you have the on/off button, the ‘M’ button, which is the mode, a small display, and increase and decrease buttons.

On the display, you can view information like battery, GPS signal strength, two-digit numbers, and alert modes.

Inside the box, you will receive the GPS receiver collar device, the collar belt, a couple of contact points, a charger and USB cable, a test light, and 20 training flags.

You must fix the contact points to the back of the collar device. Depending on your dog’s hair length, you can use short or long contact points.

For its next upgrade, silicone caps for the contact points are an addition that FOCUSER should consider.

2. Battery

The dog fence system comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery is supposed to last for 25 hours in the power-on state. If the device is not used for more than 10 minutes, it will enter a deep hibernation state to preserve the battery.

You can find the charging dock on the back of the device below the contact points. The charger you receive in the package plugs into a standard AC wall outlet.

When the device is properly charging, the battery icon will flicker red. When it gets a full charge, the icon will turn red.

Another state wherein the icon will flicker red is when the collar device battery is low.

The device should be used on your dog for no more than 12 hours at a time. So, with a 25-hour battery life, you will charge the collar device once every two days. If you use it for less hours, the battery can last 3 to 4 days.

3. Usability


Press the on/off button for 3 seconds to turn on the device. The display will flicker ‘88’ and then search for a GPS signal.

If the display number is ’06’, the device has acquired a strong signal and is now ready to use. This step can take 1 to 3 minutes. A lower number indicates a weak GPS signal unsuitable for the device to work.

Once the device is ready, press the mode button for 3 seconds to set the boundary radius. The numbers on the display correspond to 10 meters. For example, 03 means 30 meters, 06 means 60 meters, and so on. The largest radius you can set is 99, which means 990 meters.

Next, press the mode button for a second and toggle between the alarm mode you want to customize. You can use the increase and decrease buttons to set the alarm intensity.

You can now place the collar on your dog. Ensure the contact points are touching your dog’s neck. Insert one finger between your dog’s neck and the contact point to check for the fit. You should be able to do so easily, meaning the collar fit is comfortable and does not constrict your pet.

Once the device and setup are in place, the effectiveness of the fence system depends on your pet’s training. Start by walking the dog on a leash around the boundary. When it receives an alert, command it to return inside the boundary.

You can then move on to off-leash training and use a reward-based method. It can take up to two weeks for your dog to make sense of the alerts.

4. Features

The wireless dog fence system offers three alert modes. The beep mode is available in two levels, 0 and 1.

The vibration mode is available from 0 to 6 levels. In comparison, the shock mode is available from 0 to 10 levels.

In all three cases, the level 0 indicates off. The higher the number, the higher the intensity of the vibration and shock mode. So, if you do not want to use shock on your dog, you can set its level to 0.

5. Performance


FOCUSER claims the dog fence works in a small radius of 10 meters. This is not impossible, but maintaining position accuracy in such a small area is challenging. And if high-rise buildings or dense woods surround you, 10 meters is too small a radius.

I recommend you use the device in areas with a minimum radius of 20 or 30 meters.

If you do not want to set the center point and boundary details daily, ensure you turn on the device at the exact same location. If you turn on the device even one meter away from the original center point, the boundary also shifts by one meter. This can be dangerous as you may unknowingly set the boundary outside your property.

So you either mark the center point with a visual reminder like a training flag and turn on the device at the same spot or best set the radius daily.

What Sets the ​​FOCUSER GPS Wireless Dog Fence Apart from its Competitors?

The dog fence system has a built-in protection mechanism to keep your pet safe from possible injuries.

When the dog is out of the set boundary, the device activates the vibration or shock alert as per the intensity setting. The alert goes on for seven seconds, followed by a pause of seven seconds.

The alert and pause cycle continues three times when the pet is outside the boundary, after which it defaults to the beep mode.

This humanized setting ensures your pet is not accidentally hurt when still in the training phase.

Should You Purchase the ​​FOCUSER GPS Wireless Dog Fence?

Should You Purchase the ​​FOCUSER GPS Wireless Dog Fence

If you are looking for a mid-priced pet containment system, consider the wireless option from FOCUSER.

It offers a tracking range of 10 to 990 meters. It can be used on small to large dogs. It provides three alert modes with different intensity levels. The fence performs well as long as it acquires a strong GPS signal.

There isn’t much information available on warranty and customer service.

Consider the pros and cons below before you decide on buying the dog fence.


  • It uses GPS technology for accurate boundary positioning.
  • It offers three alert modes – beep, vibration, and shock.
  • It provides six vibration and ten shock alert modes.
  • The collar length is adjustable from 7 to 26.5 inches.
  • The collar receiver has an IP67 rating.


  • There is no warranty information available.
  • The device must be turned on in the same spot for the boundary shifts.
  • No silicone caps are provided for contact points.
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The ​​FOCUSER GPS wireless dog fence costs $129.95.

The device requires no SIM card, app, or subscription to work. You also do not have to buy any additional wires or transmitters.


Can I not use the shock mode on the FOCUSER dog fence system?

Yes. If you do not want your dog to be alerted through shock when it crosses the set boundary, set the shock mode to ‘0’.

Can my dog swim with the FOCUSER dog fence system on?

The fence system is waterproof and IP67-rated. You can immerse it in any freshwater body for up to 30 minutes for a depth of 15 cm to 1 meter. The dog can have the collar device on during light rain or while playing in a creek, but remove it when it gets into the swimming pool.

Can I use the FOCUSER dog fence system indoors?

No. The fence system is designed for outdoor use only. The device employs GPS technology, and objects like the concrete walls of your house could interfere with signal strength, causing it not to work as intended.


The FOCUSER GPS wireless dog fence can help you contain your pet inside a safe boundary area. It can be used on small to large dogs as the collar is adjustable.

You can set up an invisible fence using GPS. When your dog crosses the invisible fence, it will be alerted through beep, vibration, or shock mode. You can choose which alert mode to use and its intensity.

The collar device can only be helpful if you train your dog to interpret the alerts. So ensure you spend three to four hours every training session for a week or two for best results.

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