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Halo Collar 3 GPS Wireless Dog Fence: Training Collar with Real-Time Tracking

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Are you looking to effectively contain your dog inside a safe boundary? But you do not want to install physical or electrical fences?

The Halo Collar 3 wireless dog fence is an alternative you must consider. The Halo brand was founded with the mission to keep dogs safe. The device is built on its founders’ experience and technical expertise in GPS safety and tracking.

The Halo Collar 3 differentiates itself from other devices in the market with its prevent prompts. For example, the device does not wait for your dog to cross the safety boundary; it alerts it well before the boundary area.

The collar device uses Precision GPS technology driven by AI for improved location accuracy. You can also track your dog in real-time.

The device has its perks but comes with a price tag of $699. Then, you must subscribe to a monthly pack member plan for the device to work.

Overall, it is a pretty pricey collar device and is meant for dog parents looking for a premium pet containment system. But is the Halo Collar 3 worth the investment? Let us find out.

Product Overview
ModelHalo Collar 3
Suitable ForSmall to large dogs
Weight limit - above 20 lbs
Weight1.3 lbs
Strap LengthSmall - 11 to 15 inches
Medium/Large - 15 to 30.5 inches
ColorsGraphite, Ivory, Orchid, Sunburst
BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion
It lasts up to 24 hours
ConnectivityWiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth
Device Cost$699
SubscriptionMonthly plans - $5.99, $9.99 and $29.99
Warranty1-year limited
Customer SupportSupport Center
Live Chat
Live Video Support via Zoom - limited hours
Amazon Rating4.4 out of 5 (30 ratings)

Our Rating








Customer Support

Value for Money

Overall Rating: 4/5

About Halo

The brand Halo was founded to develop a dog safety solution that can help prevent roadside accidents. The brand has evolved to provide dogs with a holistic home life and also keep them safe when traveling to new places.

Halo’s newest product is the Collar 3 device, equipped with an active GPS antenna and AI-driven software for location accuracy and real-time tracking.

The Halo team consists of dog and technology experts. Their support center, known as the Halo Dog Park, consists of video tutorials, guides, and solutions. They also support via Zoom live sessions seven days a week.

Who is the Halo Collar 3 GPS Wireless Dog Fence For?

The Halo Collar 3 is for dog parents wanting a premium pet containment system. It sets up invisible fences using GPS technology. You do not have to worry about installing any type of fence. So you can use the collar device at your home, office, dog park, or the beach.

The best part is that you can use the same fence system indoors and outdoors. So whether you must keep your dog out of your bedroom or safe on your property, the Halo Collar 3 will work.

The collar device can be used on small, medium, and large dogs, but ensure your dog meets the minimum weight and neck-size requirements.

Halo recommends you, as the pet parent, be responsible for training your dog. You should practice with your dog for a minimum of 15 minutes for about 21 days for the habit to form.

So buy the collar device only if you have the time to train your dog consistently. Without training, your dog will be left confused with the alerts.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

We tested the Halo Collar 3 on parameters like design, battery life, ease of setup and use, accuracy, and features. Here is how the collar device fared.

1. Design


Depending on the dog’s neck size, you can buy the collar device straps in two sizes – small and medium/large.

For example, buy a small strap if your dog’s neck size is between 11 and 15 inches. If the dog’s neck size is between 15 and 30.5 inches, opt for the medium/large strap.

If your dog’s neck size is between two sizes, Halo recommends buying the larger size and trimming the collar accordingly.

The collar device is made using thermoplastic elastomer and metallic plastic materials. The collar strap is designed using rubberized nylon and is TPU-coated. The strap provides scratch, tear, and bite protection.

The device has an IP67 water rating. It should function fine when submerged under fresh water for 30 minutes, up to 1 meter deep.

The Halo wireless dog fence includes a collar device, a protective case, a collar strap, and contact blanks. Next, you have an indoor beacon, short and long contact tips, a magnetic adapter and a USB cable, end caps, and an end cap clamp.

You can download the Halo app for instructions on selecting the contact tips, attaching the collar device and cover, and placing it on your dog.

2. Battery

The Halo Collar 3 has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery life is expected to last for up to 24 hours.

To charge the collar device, turn the collar upside down and open the USB flap with your fingernail. Do not use any tools to open the charging dock. Use the charger and the USB cable in the kit to charge the device.

It takes about 2 hours to charge the collar device. When the device is charging, it will blink green; once charged, it will turn solid green.

The device offers real-time updates on your dog as well. You can see location updates on the Halo app every 15 to 30 seconds, but the device is always connected to GPS.

These tasks consume a lot of battery.

So the 24-hour battery life will last you a day and a half maximum. It would be best if you charge the device daily.

3. Usability


Before you start using the collar device, download the Halo app and set up your account. Sign up on the app and create your user profile. Next, allow the app to use the location services on your phone. The location detail is only needed when you want to see updates on the app or set fences.

Next, allow the app to send you notifications. Once the app permissions are set, you will see the ‘My Map’ as your default app screen.

Assemble the device as per the instructions in the app. Setting up the device near your home WiFi network would be best. Add your pet’s profile and then the collar to the app. When connected to WiFi, the device will automatically download the latest firmware.

Now, you can set up fences and customize warning modes and beacon settings.

You can visit the Training tab on your app to get details on how to train your dog using the collar device.

Also, if you have any queries, visit Halo’s support center. It is one of the most well-organized and informative knowledge bases I have encountered.

4. Features

You can create up to 20 fences using the Halo app. Each fence can consist of up to 20 fence posts.

Halo recommends the minimum distance between two fence posts must be 9.1 meters. The maximum distance between two posts can be up to 6.2 miles. So you can cover a whole lot of property with custom-shaped fences.

The Halo Collar 3 provides prevention feedback. Other dog fences provide the dog with an alert when it crosses the boundary. But the Halo device alerts the dog before it can cross the boundary.

For example, when the dog gets close to the fence, it will receive warning feedback through sound. If the dog ignores the sound, it will get vibration feedback. The last feedback is an emergency, which will be delivered through a static pulse.

You will get an alert if the dog crosses the boundary. You can then play audio cues from the app to command your dog back to safety.

5. Performance

Regarding accuracy, the Halo Collar is one of the better devices we have tested. The Halo 3 upgrades, like GPS antenna and machine learning, have improved location accuracy.

Once you create a fence, Halo will remember the boundary details. You do have to periodically check for updates and recalibrate your Halo device to maintain location accuracy.

What I also liked was the real-time tracking details offered on the app. The location updates are as frequent as 15 to 30 seconds.

Be careful of using the static mode of warning. The static pulse is quite strong. I recommend you start at the lowest level, see how your pet reacts to the warning, and accordingly increase the intensity.

You may take time to understand how to use the app and customize the settings. The device and the app have a learning curve to it. You also have to spend time training your dog.

The collar device sure performs well for a fence system around $700.

What Sets the Halo Collar 3 GPS Wireless Dog Fence Apart from its Competitors?

The Halo Collar 3’s distinguishing feature is that you can use it indoors and outdoors. For example, if you do not want the dog in the kitchen, bedroom, office, or pantry, you can prevent it from entering these places.

You can use the indoor beacon device that you will get with your dog fence kit. It is not waterproof, so you can only use it inside the house, in places not affected by weather conditions.

The beacon is equipped with two functions – keep away and ignore fences.

You can use the keep away function to keep the dog out of specific areas. For example, you can place the beacon in your home office. When the dog comes near the beacon’s radius, it will be alerted to stay away.

You can create safe zones for the pet using the ignore fence function. For example, consider a scenario where your dog gets false alerts around the living room. You can use the ignore fence function to prevent these false alerts if the collar device is within the beacon’s range.

You can customize these beacon settings through the Halo app.

Should You Purchase the Halo Collar 3 GPS Wireless Dog Fence?

Should You Purchase the Halo Collar 3 GPS Wireless Dog Fence

The Halo Collar 3 is one of the premium wireless dog fence systems on the market. The newest device release boasts features like PrecisionGPS, an active GPS antenna, and all-carrier coverage.

It alerts the dog before it can cross the safety boundary. You can create up to 20 fences and cover a lot of areas. It also provides real-time tracking details on your dog.

The collar device is expensive and requires a subscription to work.

Consider the pros and cons before buying the Halo Collar 3.


  • The collar device can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • You can set up custom-shaped boundaries; every fence consists of 20 fence posts.
  • It provides three levels of prevention feedback.
  • It provides real-time safety statuses.
  • You can access your dog’s daily activity tracker.


  • The dog fence system is expensive.
  • It has a short battery life.
  • The Halo device needs a pack member plan to work.
View Latest Price


The Halo Collar 3 wireless dog fence costs $699. It is an expensive collar device and surely not meant for budget-conscious shoppers.

You must buy a pack member plan for the device to work. The three plans on offer are:

PlanCostAdd Another Collar For

The features you can access differ as per the service plan. For example, the Silver plan includes 1-on-1 setup sessions with an expert, whereas the Gold plan includes access to the Gold video library and Halo partner discounts.

All plans include the Halo Protection Plan, wherein you can buy a replacement device for $499. Silver and Gold plan members may save an additional $25/$50.

If interested, you can enroll in a Halo Care plan within 60 days of activating your account. If the collar device is damaged, stolen, or lost, or you want to upgrade to a newer model, you can buy the replacement device at a lower cost. The plan is billed at an additional $9.99/mo per collar.


Can I use the Halo Collar 3 on my Chihuahua?

No. The Halo Collar 3 can only be used on dogs that weigh above 20 lbs. The collar strap size starts from 11 inches. So, the collar device cannot be used on small Chihuahuas.

Can I use the Halo Collar 3 for blind or visually impaired dogs?

Yes. You can use the collar device for blind and visually impaired dogs to keep them safe inside a boundary. Follow Cesar Milan’s training program that will teach you to use smells and help your dog understand the alerts and their meaning.

Do I have to buy a cellular service plan for the Halo Collar 3 to work?

No. You do not have to buy any separate cellular service plan. You automatically gain access to cellular coverage when you purchase the pack member plan for the Halo device.


The Halo Collar 3 wireless dog fence is a premium solution for keeping your dogs safe. It uses a mix of GPS and AI-driven software to provide location accuracy.

You can use the device on dogs weighing over 20 lbs. You can buy the collar strap in two sizes.

You can set up to 20 custom fences. It provides warning, boundary, and emergency feedback to the dog and prevents it from crossing a boundary. It provides real-time tracking updates.

The collar device requires a subscription to work. The Halo Collar 3 provides value, but it is expensive, so consider the good and the bad before buying.

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