Updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms

We recently revised our policies and terms. Please review the summary of changes below. You can find the earlier policies and terms in our archive.

Last Updated: 15 October 2019

We’re updating our policies and terms to support our latest products, as well as the changes occurred to the European data protection law. We’re also introducing new and improved websites and services, like snowtrax.io and SnowTrax smartphone App. Here are some of the key updates:

Greater transparency. We appreciate that you are trusting us with information that is important to you. We want you to understand how and why we use your data and how you can control that use. Our updated Privacy Policy more clearly describes our data practices, like our data retention, and how you can access and manage your data.

New products and new website. The Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and EULA updates support our new websites as well as our new products.

Please read the updated policies and terms in full. By using our services on or after August 31, 2018, you’ll be agreeing to the revisions, unless you accept them sooner, such as when you agree to them while placing an order, creating an account or pairing your Trax device with your account. You can review the previous versions in our archive of previous privacy policies and terms.