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Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence for Medium and Large Dogs

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Your dog’s curious nature may amuse you at times. For example, your pet may chase butterflies or squirrels in your yard. It may be super-friendly with the neighbors next door and venture into their yard. Or it may howl and run outside at the sound of a car horn.

These seemingly innocent behaviors can be concerning as well. If you are around to care for the dog, you can command them to stop, not leave the yard, and return indoors. But you, understandably, cannot do this 24/7.

So, what are your options here? You can install a fence around your property, choose an underground fence, or opt for a wireless fence.

The wireless fence is one of the effective methods that requires no installation. But it does require time and effort from your end to train your pet.

One such device we will review today is the Pawious GPS wireless dog fence. The device is meant for outdoor use. It employs GPS technology to set the origin point and boundary.

You can keep your dog safe inside the boundary using sound, vibration, and shock modes. The collar device is easy to use; you do not need any app or subscription for it to work.

How does the wireless dog fence work? How do you use it? Can it keep your beloved pet safe? Let us find out.

Product Overview
ModelPawious GPS Dog Fence F800
Dimension2.8 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches
Weight10.56 ounces
Strap Length27.5 inches
Range33 to 1000 yards
Suitable ForMedium to large dogs
BatteryRechargeable lithium polymer, 1500 mAh
CostStarts from $129.95
Warranty1-year guarantee, 30-day return
Customer SupportEmailLive ChatCall (Availability Monday - Saturday, 9 AM - 5 PM EST)
Amazon Rating4.4 out of 5 (1,871 ratings)

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Customer Support

Value for Money

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

About Pawious

Pawious is a brand that focuses on the well-being of your furry friends. They design smart devices for training and containment systems. You can use their devices to streamline dog training while working on improving your bond with the pet.

Their product range includes GPS and Wireless Dog Fences, Remote Dog Training Collars, Bark Control Products, Supplements, Grooming, and Pet Care.

If you run into issues, you can contact their support team, which includes pet lovers and experts in the field of pet care.

Who is the Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence For?

Does your dog often wander off beyond your property boundaries? Is your pet a good escape artist getting through physical fences? If yes, you must consider using a GPS wireless fence to train your dog and keep it contained safely within your property.

The device uses GPS technology to determine the center point and the boundary according to its range. The tracker is suitable for outdoor areas larger than 33 yards. It’s because, in a smaller area, the GPS accuracy could be off, leading to false warning tones.

The wireless dog fence does not need a SIM card or subscription plan. It is a budget-friendly alternative to physical or underground fences.

The device, though, does not work on its own. When it sounds like a warning tone, vibration, or shock, you must teach the dog the meaning behind it.

For example, when the dog crosses a boundary and the device goes into vibration mode, you must command the dog to the center point. When it returns, reward it with some treats. Reinforcing such behavior, like staying inside a boundary, can take some trial and error.

So, as a pet parent, you should be prepared to spend time training your dog with a wireless fence. With its vibration and shock stimulus, the device will only confuse the dog.

5 Important Factors we Tested the Product on

The wireless dog fence is designed to keep your pet inside a designated boundary. Pawious claims it offers accurate GPS positioning, advanced safety features, and simple operation.

So, how does the smart device fare against these claims? We tested the collar device with help from our adorable but rambunctious Lab. Here are our findings.

1. Design


The GPS collar device has the dimensions 2.8 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches. It has a strap length of 27.5 inches. Thus, the device is suitable for medium and large dogs only.

The collar device has an IPX7 rating. The rating indicates the device can be submerged in water at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. This means the device should be fine in light rain.

On the face of the device, you have the power and location buttons on one side. In the center, a small display shows details like GPS and battery. On the other side are the up and down buttons, which can be used to adjust the radius or warning levels.

Inside the wireless dog fence kit, you will receive the smart device, silicone protective covers, contact points, a test light, a magnetic charging cable, ten boundary flags, dog training, and an operating guide.

You must screw on the contact points to the collar device and put the silicone covers on. Press the M button, choose the static stimulation (shock mode), and attach the test light to the silicone sleeve.

Now, move outside the boundary area; the test light should flash. That means the collar device works.

2. Battery

The wireless fence system has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It has a capacity of 1500 mAh. It has a charging time of 2 hours. And the battery life is expected to last for up to 36 hours per charge.

During our testing, the battery lasted well for up to a day. I recommend charging the device daily at night to avoid any performance issues. The GPS may not function well if the battery is low.

3. Usability


Turn on the wireless dog fence system by long pressing the ‘M’ button. You will see the word ‘GPS’ and an equal sign flash on the display. Wait a few seconds for the device to acquire a GPS signal.

Next, press the GPS button to set the location center point. The number ‘000’ should appear on the display when the center set succeeds.

Press the GPS button again to adjust the radius. You can use the up and down buttons to do so. The minimum radius distance on the device is 33, and the maximum is 999. Again, press the GPS button to set the radius.

When you start moving with the device in hand, you can see how far you are from the center point.

Next, you can set the warning mode and level. The L00 is the startup value in automatic mode. The level will gradually increase to L06 in the automatic mode.

If you want to control the warning level, switch to fixed mode. Press the M button once and then the down arrow button to choose between vibration and shock warning mode.

Press the M button again to lock the warning mode. Next, adjust the warning level from 1 to 6 and press M to lock the level.

The above steps may seem like a lot, but once you start using the collar device, you will get the hang of it.

For the wireless fence system to work, you must initially spend time training your dog, helping it understand the meaning of the warning signals.

4. Features

The Pawious dog fence system can be used in a wireless mode as it employs GPS technology to get a precise location.

The fence system is portable and can be used in different locations like a yard, beach, campsite, or farm.

The wireless fence system provides a corrective stimulus through a warning tone, vibration, or shock. The warning mode progressively increases from level 1 to 6. The warning then pauses for a minute and repeats.

The device will continuously beep if your dog does not return to the predefined boundary.

You get ten bright orange colored flags with your purchase. Use these flags to define the boundary; it will be an additional visual aid for your dog.

5. Performance


As the wireless fence system uses GPS, you can expect the accuracy to be off by 2 – 3 yards. If you live in wooded areas or if you have several concrete structures on your property, the accuracy could be more than a few yards off.

So, instead of setting the radius to 999, set it a few yards short to accommodate the GPS accuracy level.

Please note the device will not work without a GPS signal. It may show poor performance if the GPS signal is weak.

With a good GPS signal, too, you initially must train your dog for the wireless fence system to be effective.

For example, you can start with on-leash training and walk the dog around the boundary. When the device vibrates, nudge it inside the boundary and reward the dog when it acts accordingly.

Or you can use the positive reinforcement method, keep treats or toys at the center point, and command the dog back when it reaches the boundary.

The wireless fence system will work well with a strong GPS signal and your training efforts.

What Sets the Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence Apart from its Competitors?

The wireless dog fence system has automatic memory, which means it will remember the center point and safety radius you set.

Pawious, though, recommends you reset the settings every 4 to 5 days or after a significant weather change event for optimal performance.

When you move to a new location, like a vacation house, you can easily reset the center point and safety radius to new values.

Should You Purchase the Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence?

Should You Purchase the Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence

If your dog is an escape artist, employing an effective fencing method becomes necessary for its safety. The Pawious fencing system is a good alternative if you do not want to ruin your well-manicured yard with underground fences.

It is a cost-effective solution. The device is best used in areas with an open sky. Ensure you meet the 33-yard minimum requirement.

The wireless fence system can only be successful if you have the time to teach your furry friend the meaning behind the warnings.


  • It uses GPS for accurate positioning.
  • It offers sound, vibration, and shock modes as corrective stimuli.
  • The warning modes are available from 1 to 6 levels.
  • It automatically memorizes the center point and safety radius.
  • It does not require any subscription to work.


  • It is not suitable for small dogs.
  • It is not meant for indoor use.
  • The strap collar can break if your dogs are heavy chewers.
View Latest Price


The original price of the Pawious GPS dog fence is $149.95.

You can buy the same device on Amazon for a reduced price of $129.95.

You can shop for accessories like the charging cable, set of contact points and silicone covers, strap collars, and flags. These accessories can cost $8.95 to $12.95.

Pawious offers a 30-day return policy. If you are unhappy with the collar device, you can return it for a refund or exchange.

The device should be in its original condition and packaging. If not, you may only receive 50% of the original purchase price or no refund, depending on the return quality of the device.


Can I use the GPS wireless dog fence on multiple dogs?

The GPS wireless dog fence can control only one dog at a time. But you can use the same device on multiple dogs at different times. For example, you can train one dog in the morning and later use the same device on another dog in the evening.

Is the Pawious dog fence suitable for all yard types?

The Pawious dog fence has a minimum yard requirement of 33 yards. So, if your yard is smaller than 33 yards, the GPS signal would not be accurate. The dog fence is suitable for open fields and farms.

Will the shock mode on the Pawious dog fence scare my dog?

The shock mode is available in six levels. You can set a level according to your pet’s comfort so they are not scared. But at the same time, the shock is strong enough to let them know their behavior is undesirable. You can stick to tone and vibration if you are uncomfortable using shock.


The Pawious GPS wireless dog fence can help safely contain your dog within your property boundary. It is best suited for medium and large-sized dogs.

A fencing system is essential if your dog likes to chase small animals, vehicles, or anything that literally moves.

The Pawious device uses GPS technology to set an accurate center point and safety radius. It has a range of 33 to 1000 yards.

It has safety features like sound, vibration, and shock mode with intensity levels of 1 to 6. The wireless fencing system will be effective only if you train your dog and help it understand the meaning behind the warnings.

I recommend implementing a positive reinforcement training method to strengthen the desired behavior.

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