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SecuLife GPS Tracker Review [Updated]

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Did you know that 6 in 10 people with dementia can wander off at least once? This can also be a repeated behavior in many.

The disappearance of a loved one can be a stressful situation to be in. If they do not have their phone with them, how are you supposed to contact them? Where do you start looking?

A GPS tracker is a device that can help in such situations. It can provide you with the location details of your loved one. One such device we will review today is the SecuLife GPS tracker.

The tracker offers several features like location updates, geofence, speed and SOS alerts, and location history. It also supports two-way calling. It is a pocket-friendly device, but it needs a subscription plan to work, the costs of which can add up in the long run.

I have used my experience in GPS tracking technology to test the device on parameters like design, features, working, and accuracy. The article will take you through the tracker’s performance and help you decide if it is a good investment.

Product Overview
ModelSecuLife SOS GPS Tracker
Dimension2.40 x 1.73 x 0.62 inches
Dimension1.23 ounces
BatteryRechargeable, Lasts from 8 to 24 hours
ConnectivitySecured IoT 5G 4G LTE cellular network
HistoryPast 365 days
CoverageUSA, Canada and Mexico
Device Cost$49.00
SubscriptionStarts from $17.10 to $39/month
WarrantyLifetime warranty on devices with active subscription
Customer SupportCall Customer support is available 7 days a week
Amazon Rating3.4 out of 5

Our Rating



Ease of Setup

Ease of Use




Tech Support

Value for Money

Overall Rating: 3.4/5

About SecuLife

About SecuLife

The idea for SecuLife was born as the founder had to look after a loved one with Alzheimer’s. The GPS devices were initially created to help seniors and individuals with disabilities seek help with no reliable forms of communication nearby.

Today, the brand has expanded its GPS range to cater to different groups like kids, young adults, seniors, assets, and vehicles. Their product line includes battery-powered and OBD trackers and GPS-enabled smartwatches.

SecuLife’s customer support team is available seven days a week. You can call them from 4:30 AM to 8:30 PM (PT) to get help with the trackers or any other queries.

Who is the SecuLife SOS GPS Tracker For?

The SecuLife GPS tracker has been designed for kids, young adults, and seniors. It can give you peace of mind as you can keep track of your loved ones.

It can help you monitor your children’s location. For example, you can check if your kids are home, at the daycare center, or at school. If you do not want to give your young kids a smartphone yet, you can use the tracker to call them.

If you are one of the caretakers for an elderly parent or another family member, the tracker can help you better care for them.

For example, if they are not supposed to leave alone, you can set geofences around their house. So you get an alert when they do leave. You can then check their location, call them, and guide them back home.

5 Important Factors We Tested the SecuLife GPS Tracker On

5 Important Factors We Tested the SecuLife GPS Tracker On

Now we know how the SecuLife tracker can help monitor your loved ones. The tracker looks promising with its design and features. But how does the device actually perform? Let us find out.

1. Design

In terms of structure, the tracker is compact and lightweight. Its dimensions are 2.40 x 1.73 x 0.62 inches, weighing about 1.23 ounces.

Inside the box, you receive everything you need to start using the device. For example, your purchase includes the tracker, magnetic USB charging cable, charging base, lanyard, armband, and a belt/bag clip.

The device is splash-resistant, meaning it should be fine with low pressure, accidental spills, and splashes. But do not use it in heavy rain or snow, or the device can get damaged.

The attachment options work well. If your loved one is sensitive to the lanyard and the armband, the bag/belt clip would be the ideal way to go. If discretion is a priority, the device can easily be concealed. It can be placed inside bags or carried around in pockets.

The device has a well-defined SOS button on the face. On the side, you can find the call and the silent mode buttons.

There are three LED lights on the device. Green indicates cellular signal, blue indicates positioning and red means power.

Overall, the SecuLife SOS tracker is well-designed. But, the brand should consider making the device waterproof if it has an updated model coming out.

2. Battery

The tracker has a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 to 24 hours, depending on usage.

For example, if you use the tracker at GPS intervals of a minute, the battery can last 8 hours. The battery can last up to 12 hours with 10-minute intervals, and finally, the battery can extend up to a day with hourly intervals.

The battery by numbers alone can be considered a shortcoming. Because they mean you have to charge the device daily or at least once in two days.

We are put in a trade-off situation, which I do not like. For example, if I want frequent updates, I must charge the device daily. And if I do not want to do that, I must be content with longer GPS intervals. So, the frequency of updates is an important factor you should consider before buying this device.

You can charge the device using the charging base or the magnetic cable. Initially, it may take around three to four hours to charge the device completely.

3. Usability

You first must activate the SIM through SecuLife’s website. You can find the bright yellow activate icon on the top of their home page. It will ask for the SIM card number, which you will find on the device box.

Select the subscription plan to complete SIM activation. You will receive a new phone number for the tracker and the credentials to log in to the mobile app.

You can turn on the device by pressing the call button for a second. I recommend you charge the device for a few hours before using it for the first time.

You must download the SecuLife app to proceed. Use the email address and password generated during the SIM activation step to log in.

SecuLife automatically adds the first device to your app account. You can find it under the My Devices section. You can add more trackers to the same account; just remember to register with the same email address.

On the homepage, you will see the map screen, which shows you the last location of the tracker. You can now customize the tracker and alerts as per your requirements.

For example, you can click on your device, and under details, you can set update intervals and geofences. Then, under the settings section of the device, you can manage the alerts.

Design-wise, the app needs to do better. I would have preferred having all alerts under the same tab. So, you may have to explore the app options initially to understand how it works.

4. Features

You can have the app on multiple devices. You can log in with the same credentials and have other family members look out for your loved one.

One of the plus points of the tracker is that you can set unlimited geofences and receive entry and exit alerts. This is regardless of the subscription plan you choose.

You can add a geofence through the map screen. SecuLife recommends you set a fence with a minimum GPS radius of 1000 feet to avoid false alerts.

You can view the location history of the tracker for the past 365 days. You can click on the pinpoints on the app to view timestamp details.

If your loved one needs help, they can press the SOS button on the tracker to send out an SMS and in-app alert. The tracker will then call contacts logged in the SOS phone list. It will call the first number; in case of no contact, it will call the second number, and so on.

5. Performance

The device performs well in areas with good GPS signal quality. The location accuracy is decent. This is because the tracker is not actually real-time. The basic plan offers updates every 5 minutes. It is only with the elite plan that you can get frequent updates. So you need to be ready to pay more.

Even when the interval is set to 1 minute, the tracker takes a few minutes to refresh. So anticipate some lag time.

The setup and usability process is straightforward. The app may initially take time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, monitoring the tracker should be easy.

Features that I like are the unlimited geofences, SOS alerts, and two-way calls. What I do not like is the battery life. It is a promising device, but with such high subscription prices, the battery needs to be better.

What Sets the SecuLife SOS GPS Tracker Apart from its Competitors?

Most trackers are equipped with an SOS button, which can help the device wearer in the case of an emergency. The SecuLife tracker takes emergency help a step ahead with its two-way feature.

Your child or parent can press the call button on the side of the device for three seconds to make a call. They can press the SOS button to end the call.

You can also call the tracker to check on your loved one. SecuLife offers two modes of call answering. For example, you can wait for the device wearer to pick up the call by pressing the call button. Or the incoming call automatically gets picked up by the speakerphone.

Please note that numbers entered in the phone book can only receive SOS alerts and are allowed to make and receive calls.

Should You Purchase the SecuLife SOS GPS Tracker?

Should You Purchase the SecuLife SOS GPS Tracker

The SecuLife GPS tracker can be a decent buy if you are looking to track your loved ones. It offers noteworthy features like two-way calling, unlimited geofencing, SOS mode, and a lifetime device warranty.

If you need more real-time updates and a longer battery life, please consider other GPS trackers.

Read through the pros and cons below before buying the SecuLife tracker.


  • The tracker offers unlimited geofences and alerts.
  • It provides a year of historical tracking data.
  • The tracker can send an SOS alarm to emergency contacts.
  • It supports two-way calling.
  • You get a free personalized onboarding call.
  • A lifetime warranty is available for devices with active subscriptions.


  • The subscription plans can be expensive.
  • The tracker has a short battery life.


The SecuLife SOS GPS tracker is priced at $49.00. The device cost is budget-friendly.

The tracker needs a subscription plan to work, which could be expensive. There are two plans on offer – Basic and Elite. The details of the plans are as follows:

Plan TypeDurationCostPrepayment
$114.00 for 6 months
$205.20 for 12 months
$234.00 for 6 months
$421.20 for 12 months

In the Basic plan, the GPS location intervals are set to 5 minutes, and you get 60 minutes of monthly talk time or an assistive speaker phone. In the Elite plan, the GPS intervals are reduced to 30 seconds, and you get unlimited minutes.

All plans include features like a personalized free onboarding call, detailed timeline history, and unlimited guardians and geofences.


Do I have to buy a subscription plan to use the SecuLife SOS tracker?

Yes. You must buy a subscription plan to the SecuLife tracker as the device uses a 5G, 4G LTE network in the USA to monitor and provide you with location data. Your plan includes roaming in Canada and Mexico.

What is the quick refill service by SecuLife?

Using the quick refill service, you can add minutes, data, or text to your existing plan. You can refill your account by submitting the SecuLife number or SecuLife SIM number.

How many geofence alerts can you set using the SecuLife SOS tracker?

You can set unlimited geofences with the SecuLife SOS tracker. You can also choose the notification mode, such as email, SMS, or in-app.


The SecuLife GPS tracker can be used to track kids and seniors. It is a compact device that comes with several attachment options.

You must select from a Basic and Elite subscription plan for the tracker to work. You get a lifetime warranty as long as you have an active subscription.

The tracker offers features like geofences, location history, SOS mode, and two-way calling.

SecuLife should look at improving the device’s battery life and the app’s user experience. We hope the review helps with your tracker buying decision.

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