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SEEWORLD S21L GPS Tracker for Motorcycle (Updated)

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Do you have a high-end motorcycle that you know many people would love to get their hands on? Do you fear it may be stolen? Or that your kid brother may want to take it out for a spin and could ride it too fast? A GPS tracker is the perfect device to help you keep track of your motorcycle.

One such amazing tracker that will protect your motorcycle in every way is the SEEWORLD S21L GPS Tracker. This GPS tracker is suitable for all kinds of vehicles and will help you track your bike from anywhere in the world. In addition, it has several other features that make it perfect for your motorcycle in every other way, including magnetic installation and superior waterproofing features.

The GPS tracker is quite affordable, considering it offers such a wide range of features. It is also suitable to monitor your kid or your pets. Hence, you should definitely consider it for your precious motorcycle or other vehicles close to your heart. Let us go through a SEEWORLD S21L GPS Tracker review and see if it is worth the investment.

Product Overview
ModelSEEWORLD S21L GPS Tracker
Dimensions4.17 x 2.76 x 1.81 inches
Weight6.4 ounces
MaterialABS Cover
Tracking DistanceGlobal reach
MonitoringMonitoring Mobile Cloud App HERE
Special featuresIP65 Waterproof
CostDiscounted price of 18.99
Amazon Rating3.6 out of 5

Our Rating








Tech Support

Overall Rating: 3.7/5



Seaworld is a reputed brand known for making some of the best trackers in the world today. Thousands of customers have trusted Global dynamic IoT location providers for more than 15 years.

Their devices are primarily used for vehicles and mobile asset management, personal safety, and animal safety management fields. They use premium 4G LTE real-time GPS/GNSS Positioning Method, and the vehicles can be tracked from anywhere across the world, aided by the mobile cloud monitoring app HERE. They also boast of one of the best customer services in the industry.

Who will Benefit from the SEEWORLD S21L GPS Tracker?

If you have an expensive motorcycle, it is safe to assume you invested in it because you loved the model. A vintage Harley-Davidson or limited-edition Ducati is sure to turn heads. And someone could just set their eyes on it with the intention to steal.

With the Seeworld S21L tracker, you can track your motorcycle from anywhere around the world in case it is stolen. Or, if your friend borrows your motorcycle for an adventure road trip, you can track your friend and bike for safety. This is true for any vehicle with which you may be using the tracker.

The tracker can also be used to monitor your children or your pets. Its hidden nature allows you to keep it on your kids and can be a great way to prevent kidnapping. The superior waterproofing features ensure the tracker keeps working accurately, surviving the weather elements.

With geo-fencing and triple-tracking technology, you will know as soon as your motorcycle crosses a particular boundary, preventing theft or kidnapping. The mini GPS tracker is equipped with an international SIM card, giving you accurate readings from any corner of the world.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

The SEEWORLD S21L GPS Tracker offers several features and has a compact design. But does the tracker deliver as the brand promised? Is it an excellent choice to protect your motorcycle? Let us see some of its features.

1. Design

The SEEWORLD S21L tracker is a portable, wireless device that is easy to use. The package includes the S21L tracking device, one global SIM card inside the device, one micro USB cable for charging, one small screwdriver, and the user manual.

The device is 6.4 ounces in weight and has a compact design of 4.17 x 2.76 x 1.81 inches. Its sleek design will help it easily blend with the body of your car or motorcycle.

The tracker has a waterproofing rating of IP65. Hence, the tracker is well protected from dust, dirt, and medium water jets, helping it withstand the weather elements when the vehicle is on the road.

2. Coverage

The SEEWORLD S21L tracker provides premium coverage from anywhere across the world. Hence, if you are riding your bike or vehicle across the borders of the USA, the tracker will continue to send accurate signals. This is of great help if anyone tries to steal your precious vehicle and take it out of the country.

All you have to do is ensure that the SIM card is lodged firmly in the device. The magnetic technology allows the device to stick to the vehicle even across rough terrains.

You can also denote a fenced area using geo-fencing technology so you will know as soon as the bike crosses a particular area. You can also set speed limits, and it will inform you if anyone is riding your motorcycle too rashly.

3. Usability

The SEEWORLD S21L is easy to use and set up. The magnetic installation lets you easily install the tracker on any metal surface of your vehicle. Or, you can simply switch it on and put it in your kid’s backpack.

You can set a speed alarm to ensure that the vehicle is not being driven at a rash speed. You will immediately get an alarm on your phone when the vehicle shows any kind of abnormal movement beyond your set parameters.

4. Tracking Performance

The SEEWORLD S21L does an excellent job of tracking your vehicle from anywhere worldwide, thanks to its unique tracking mechanism. The device uses GPS/ BDS/ LBS triple technology to locate your vehicle. The 4G LTE Real Time GPS/GNSS Positioning Method gives you real-time tracking from anywhere across the planet.

In addition, you can use the HERE app to get all your notifications on your phone. The “Here-Connect what we care” software not only tracks your device but also gives you 180 days of trace playback. So you will be able to go back and check the speed, route, and other details of your car over the last 180 days.

You can use the following links depending on your device:

  • iOS System Software: bit.ly/3YZHw60
  • Android System Software: bit.ly/3OLA6ys
  • You can also go to the Play Store and download the Here-Connect What We Are App.

5. Pricing

The SEEWORLD S21L is quite affordably priced compared to most trackers in this category. However, since it needs subscriptions, you need to check whether they are okay for you and within your budget.

The device is available for $18.99 after a discount. Subscriptions start at 9.1 per month, and you can opt for monthly, six-month or one-year subscriptions. You also get a 30% discount for the first month. You can start tracking by downloading the HERE-Connect App.

What Sets the SEEWORLD S21L Apart from its Competitors?

What Sets the SEEWORLD S21L Apart from its Competitors

The SEEWORLD S21L has many features that are present in some other GPS tracking devices available today. However, there are hardly any trackers that can give you global tracking at such affordable pricing. The device comes with an in-built international SIM card that lets you monitor your vehicle from anywhere globally.

The waterproofing ensures that the device works accurately no matter where your vehicle is. It also allows you to go back and check data for up to 180 days, which is quite an advanced feature at this price point.

Should You Purchase SEEWORLD S21L Tracker for your Motorcycle?

The SEEWORLD S21L is indeed impressive in its performance and gives you unique and enhanced features like global tracking, SOS Alarm, geo-fencing, real-time positioning, and 180 days of playback, along with a waterproof body and affordable pricing. However, it would be best if you considered the pros and cons before purchasing.


  • It has advanced GPS global tracking.
  • You can use the app to track the device.
  • You can set up geo-fencing and over-speeding alarms.
  • 180 days playback to check previous data.
  • Suitable for all kinds of motorcycles and other vehicles.


  • Metal installation may not work unless your kids or pets have something metal on them.
  • It may not sustain very high water exposure with IP65 waterproofing.
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After a discount of 21%, the device is affordable, priced at $18.99. Even without the discount, the device is priced at $23.99. The subscription for the app is below $10 a month, making it quite feasible. You do not need to buy an international SIM as it comes with the device.


Buying a tracker for the well-being of your motorcycle is a big decision. Hence, you should purchase the device after clearing all your doubts. Here are some questions that may help.

Is the SEEWORLD S21L suitable for all vehicles?

Yes, the tracker is suitable for motorcycles and also with other vehicles. The hidden technology lets you use it on any vehicle, and you can also use it for the safety of your kids and pets.

Does SEEWORLD S21L provide an accurate location?

Yes, the tracker provides an accurate location of your vehicle within 5 to 10 meters of accuracy. You can track the app and check the exact location, even if your motorcycle has crossed the USA borders. You can also check the speed limit and go back to check 180 days of data. As long as the area receives a good GPS signal, you can use it.

Is the SEEWORLD S21L suitable for daily use?

Yes, the tracker is suitable for daily use. You can keep it on your vehicle and never have to worry about losing track of your motorcycle. Use the USB charger that comes in the box to charge your tracker when it is depleted, and you are good to go.


The SEEWORLD S21L GPS tracker is an IP65 waterproof device that provides your motorcycle and other vehicles with optimum security and also helps you track your kids or pets if needed.

The tracker can send you the accurate location of your vehicle from anywhere across the globe, along with sending your speed alarms and SOS. The magnetic installation and sleek design let you set it up quickly, and you are good to go as soon as you download and install the Here-Connect. We hope that the SEEWORLD S21L GPS tracker review helped you with your purchase.

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