Trax Play

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One of the smallest and lightest personal live GPS tracking devices on the market.


Prepaid 6 months – optional

(SEK 96.50 per month)

In stock

Prepaid 12 month – optional

(SEK 58.25 per month)

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Prepaid 24 months – optional

(SEK 37.46 per month)

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Do you already have a Trax?

Trax Play operates using GPS Satellites and mobile networks. This means that each Trax product has its own subscription service to dedicated mobile network providers, just like your mobile telephone. This gives the best possible coverage in all of our supported countries! In order for your Trax Play to work you need to have a data plan connected to your device.

Total price Monthly price
6 months SEK 579.00 SEK 96.50 per month ADD TO CART
12 months SEK 699.00 SEK 58.25 per month ADD TO CART
24 months SEK 899.00 SEK 37.46 per month ADD TO CART

6 months

Total price: SEK 579.00

SEK 96.50 per month

12 months

Total price: SEK 699.00

SEK 58.25 per month

24 months

Total price: SEK 899.00

SEK 37.46 per month

The Trax Play App is free to download:


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