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Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker Review

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Do you want to track your teen’s or delivery vehicles in real-time? Is monitoring employees on the field essential for your business? Or do you want to ensure your valuables are kept safe?

If yes, then the Spytec GPS GL300 GPS tracker is a versatile solution that can serve these different applications. It is one of the lightest devices on the market, with an internal battery of 2600 mAh. With its real-time updates, you can always know where your loved one, valuables, or business assets are.

You can set several alerts and notifications like movement, boundary entry and exit, and speeding. Using the data, you can optimize driving habits and routes.

You will need a month-to-month subscription plan to use the tracker. However, the pricing plans for the tracker can be comparatively on the higher end. So is the Spytec GPS tracker worth the money?

We will be exploring the hardware and software capabilities of the tracker and understanding if the claims made by the brand hold true.

About Spytec GPS Brand

Spytec GPS specializes in offering smart and easy-to-use location-tracking solutions. The company was founded in 2006, but it was only in 2015 that they started focussing on building a GPS tracking solution.

The company has since then evolved to cater to small and medium-sized businesses and personal users. Its solutions involve asset monitoring, supply chain visibility, and personnel monitoring, among others.

Its product range involves wireless, hardwired, and plug-in OBD trackers. You can also find accessories like all-weather magnetic cases, battery cases, and hardwire kits.

Product Overview
BrandSpytec GPS
ModelSpytec GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker
Dimension3.15 x 1.15 x 1.64 inches
Weight0.32 ounces
Battery2600 mAh, Li-polymer
Charging Voltage5V DCExternal battery - 3.5V to 4.2V DC
ButtonsSOS button
SubscriptionMonthly - $30/monthAnnual - $25/month
WarrantyMonthly subscription - 6 monthsAnnual subscription - Lifetime
Customer SupportMonthly subscription - during business hoursAnnual subscription - 24/7
Amazon Rating4.1 out of 5 (12, 279 ratings)

Our Rating








Customer Support

Overall Rating: 4/5

Who is the Spytec GPS Tracker For?

Who is the Spytec GPS Tracker For
Image Source: motor1.com

One of the things we like best about the tracker is that it is versatile. From a business perspective, you can gain visibility over all moving parts of your day-to-day operation.

For example, the tracker can help with fleet management. You can see the drivers’ routes or if they are making deliveries on time. You can use historical data to improve vehicle and employee efficiency.

Using the Spytec GPS app, you can view the location of your vehicles in real-time. So if you need to change routes, need drivers to pick up something along the way, or identify shipping hold-ups, this data will come in handy.

From a personal perspective, the GPS tracker can be used to track and protect your loved ones and valuables. For example, you can use the tracker to know if your teen or elderly parents have safely reached their destination.

You can set up customized alerts like trip start and end, boundary entry and exit, and speeding. With these alerts, you can track your teens driving habits and help them improve their skills.

The alerts can also be used to keep track of your valuables. For example, if something valuable starts moving or leaves your predefined boundary, you get alerts for the same.

So the Spytec GPS tracker is for personal and business users. It can be used for various applications like car tracking, asset, and personnel monitoring.

6 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

So you are one of the users who would benefit from a tracker like Spytec GPS. But how well does the tracker perform? It is comparatively one of the pricier options on the market, so is it worth the investment?

Our Spytec GPS GL300 GPS tracker review is based on the six factors mentioned below. We hope you get the answers you are looking for through our review.

1. Design

Image Source: shop.spytec.com

The GL300 is 3 inches long and 1 inch thick, so it falls somewhere between the size criteria for trackers. For example, Tracki is much smaller in dimension compared to Spytec GL300, but trackers like Trak-4 are much bigger in size.

The Spytec tracker is lightweight, though, and can conveniently fit inside cars, scooters, or a box of valuables.

On the face of the tracker, you can find an SOS button. When this button is physically pressed, you get an alert. You can choose to get these alerts through mobile, web, text, and email modes.

From a software design perspective, the Spytec app is easy to use and customize. It can be confusing at the beginning, and you may take time to understand its functionalities. You can visit the help center to get help using and customizing the tracker.

2. Battery

Image Source: pricepulse.app

The internal battery of the tracker is a Li-polymer, 2600 mAh. As per Spytec, their battery can last 7 to 10 days with 2 hours of movement every day. We found that the battery lasts around a week when used for applications like car tracking. However, it can last much longer when used for cases like protecting valuables.

Similar to your phone battery, you can view the battery percentage of your tracker on the app. Further, you can set low battery notification alerts, so you are not caught unaware. It can take about 5 hours to charge the tracker.

If the internal battery is not enough, you can invest in the M6 Pro XL extended battery case. This can increase the battery life of the tracker by 12 times.

3. Performance


The tracker provides location data based on the 4G LTE technology. You cannot expect 100% accuracy with this technology, but we found the results to be good enough. The location accuracy was much better for outdoor applications than indoors.

With indoor applications, we found the accuracy to be 30 to 40 m off. This could be because the trees and the building walls interfere with the signal.

The best part of the tracker is the live tracking feature, which you get regardless of your subscription plan. If we compare it to other trackers, the app refresh rate is typically around 60, 30, and 15 seconds.

The subscription plans also differ according to the refresh rate. So Spytec is the better option here.

4. Usability


There are quite a few steps to be followed to activate the tracker, customize your account, and get started with using the tracker. Setting up the tracker and going through all the features may take you a couple of hours or more. But we say the initial effort is worth the value the product provides.

You need to log in to the Spytec GPS and set up your account by providing your name, contact details, business information (for business users), and IMEI number, among others. You can add multiple devices at once.

Next, you must ensure the tracker is fully charged and rebooted. After you turn on the tracker, you will have to move around with it for a few minutes for it to calibrate.

Once the hardware is in place, you can log in to the website or mobile app and customize alerts and notifications. If the app seems overwhelming, you can use the articles available on Spytec’s help center.

Here you will find information about getting started, using the tracker, managing your account, and troubleshooting steps. You can also find video tutorials like the platform demo.

Overall the device and app are easy to use, but it has a learning curve to it.

5. Accessories

Image Source: techtalkplanet.com

As the Spytec GPS GL300 GPS tracker is versatile, you need to consider improving the product’s durability. For example, if you use the tracker for personnel monitoring on the field or when you or your loved ones go hiking, an accessory like a belt holster will be useful.

Or, if you are attaching the tracker to your teen’s car or scooter, consider buying the M2 case. As of the time of writing the review, Spytec GPS is offering the M2 case for free with the GL300 tracker. The case is water and crush-resistant. It has a firm magnetic mount.

M4 and M6 Pro are the two extendable batteries offered for the GL300 trackers. In addition, they each come with a weatherproof case for extended durability.

6. Value

As mentioned above, Spytec is not the cheapest tracker in the market. But as we have seen above, it can be a value-adding device.

Let us go through some of the notable features of the tracker. The SOS button can be life-saving, especially in cases where the user does not have a phone handy. The internal battery life is good compared to other trackers in the market.

Under the Activity tab on the app, you can view the location of all your devices. You can use filters here to view recent activity from the last hour, 8, 12, or 24 hours.

Image Source: helpcenter.spytec.com

The different alerts you can set using the web or app interface are boundary entry, and exit, speeding, movement, trip exceeds distance and duration, and connected and disconnected from the power source.

You are not bound to long-term contracts. There is no activation fee involved. You can choose from flexible subscription plans.

So overall, the tracker provides a good return on investment.

What Sets the Product Apart From Competitors?

The real-time tracking detail offered by Spytec is what sets it apart from most of its competitors. Also, the 2600 mAh internal battery is a plus point. If required, you can purchase extended batteries that can improve the tracker’s battery lifetime from 3 to 12 times. Spytec also claims to provide industry-leading 99% uptime.

On Spytec GPS’ help center, you can find a video with a walkthrough of the tracking website and mobile app.

For business users, there is a free trial option available for seven days. You can call Spytec GPS to inquire or submit a request through their website. You need to provide your name, business email, work phone, and the number of tracked assets on the form.

The Spytec team will get in touch with you and set up the trial. The devices will be shipped to you with 2-day shipping. Your free trial will start only once you receive the trackers. Spytec’s sales team can provide more information on the same.

Should You Purchase the Product?

Should You Purchase the Product
Image Source: vokyn.com

If you are looking for a versatile tracker that you can place in your car, your teen’s scooter, or your luggage, then the Spytec GPS GL300 GPS tracker would be a good choice. The tracker is conveniently sized and lightweight.

Its features like setting boundaries, SOS, speeding, movement, trip start and end, and the low battery can cater to several applications.

The user interface can be overwhelming for some. Referring to the learning resources in the help center and getting hands-on experience should be helpful.

If you specifically want a car tracker, you can explore the OBD and Hardwired GPS trackers from Spytec GPS.


  • The tracker provides
    real-time updates
    regardless of the
    subscription plan
    you choose.
  • The 2600 mAh internal
    battery can last for a
    good week or more,
    depending on usage.
  • Reliable service with
    industry-leading 99% uptime.
  • Extended battery options with weatherproof cases are available.
  • Free trial, demo, and
    resources available.
  • The GPS tracker is
    swappable between


  • The subscription prices can be comparatively high.
  • The web and app interface can be challenging for some
    users to learn.
  • Some users have
    reported issues
    with customer support.


The Spytec GPS GL300 GPS tracker device price is $39.95.

There are three subscription plans offered are:

  • Monthly – $30/month
  • Annual – $25/month
  • Custom – contact Spytec GPS sales team

With a monthly subscription, tech support is limited to business hours. You can have only three users per account with no option for upgrades. And the device warranty is fixed at six months.

With an annual subscription, tech support is available 24/7. You get 50 users per account with options to upgrade. You get a lifetime device warranty with low monthly costs.

The subscription plans are on the higher end compared to other trackers like Tracki and Trak-4.

If you are a user in need of multiple devices, we recommend buying the tracker in bulk. Below are the pack discounts offered by Spytec GPS.

Number of DevicesCostDiscount Offered


How long does the battery for the Spytec GPS GL300 GPS device last?

The internal battery of the tracker can last for about a week. However, you can buy extended battery packs enabling the tracker to last 12 times its original lifetime.

How do I add a new tracker to my account using the app?

To add a new device using the app, click on the Menu icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Next, select Account, then the three dots on the right-hand side, and then Activate a new tracker. You will be asked for your password. Next, enter tracker details, choose a service plan, and checkout to activate the tracker.

Is there a separate monthly fee for each Spytec GPS tracker?

Yes, you must purchase a subscription plan for every tracker you add to your account. The monthly subscription is priced at $30/month, while the annual subscription is priced at $25/month.

Where can I place the Spytec GPS tracker in the car?

For car tracking, you can place the tracker in the glove box, under the seat, or carpet. In addition, you can buy a weatherproof case to improve the durability of the tracker.

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