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Tack GPS Tracker Review (Updated List)

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Do you want to keep an eye on your elderly parents? Do you want to get updates on where your kids are? Or do you have a valuable asset you want to track?

The Tack GPS tracker is a device that can help in all the above scenarios. It is a compact and lightweight tracker that one can easily place in one’s pockets or carry around in one’s backpack.

The tracker can be used indoors and outdoors. It offers features like multiple tracking modes, safe zones, one-click SOS, and location sharing.

The tracker currently provides coverage in 30+ countries. It is a medium-priced tracker. You must subscribe to a yearly or monthly plan to use the tracker and the TackGPS app. So, is the tracker worth investing in? Let us start with the review to know more.

Product Overview
ModelTack GPS Device
Dimension1.8 x 1.4 x 0.65 inches
Weight1 ounce
ConnectivityMobile IoT network, WPS, GPS, Bluetooth
CoverageCurrently available in 30+ countries, including the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK
BatteryRechargeable, 750 mAh
SensorTri-Axis Accelerometer
CompatibilityiOS 12 or later and Android 7 or later
Operating TemperatureMaximum: -10°C to 50°C
Recommended: 0°C to 40°C
SubscriptionStarts from $2.99 to $3.99/month
Customer SupportSupport portal, Email, WhatsApp
Amazon Rating3.8 out of 5 (194 ratings)

Our Rating



Ease of Setup

Ease of Use




Value for Money

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

About Tack

About Tack

Tack GPS was founded by Justin Zhang in 2021. The idea for the tracker was born as the founder helped a friend locate his missing father, who forgot his way home. Understanding the stress of finding a missing loved one led to the creation of Tack GPS.

The tracker uses AI to toggle between connective technologies and extend battery life. The tracker can currently be used in over 30 countries.

Tack offers a 14-day return policy, a 30-day free trial, and a one-year warranty on its tracker. You can contact their support team through email and WhatsApp. You can also visit their support portal for information on the tracker and other common issues.

Who is the Tack GPS Tracker For?

The battery-powered GPS device can be helpful in several use cases. For example, you can use the tracker to keep an eye on your kids. You can place the tracker in their bags and know when they leave school and reach home.

You can use the tracker to care for your elderly parents. If they have dementia, you can minimize the risk of them wandering off.

If your kids or elderly parents want help, they can activate the SOS mode with a single press of a button.

You can attach the tracker to your pet’s collar and monitor their location. Tack offers fabric cases explicitly designed for collars.

You can place the tracker on any valuable assets you want to keep an eye on. This could be your bike, electronics, or luggage.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

We tested the Tack GPS device on factors like build and ease of setup and use. We tested multiple scenarios, like creating safe zones and moving the tracker in and out of it, SOS mode, and location sharing.

Here is how the tracker fared.

1. Design

The Tack GPS device is one of the lightweight trackers on the market. It weighs only about one ounce. It has a compact design with dimensions of 1.8 x 1.4 x 0.65 inches.

The tracker is compatible with Android 7 or later and iOS 2 or later. The device is water-resistant and dustproof. It may handle low-pressure water exposure, like water from a sprinkler or light rain, for a short period.

Inside the box, you will receive the tracker, a USB-C charging cable, and a lanyard. If you use the tracker for your pet or an asset, you can buy the fabric case for easy attachment and extra protection.

The tracker has a button on the top corner. The device wearer can press this button once to activate the SOS mode and increase the frequency of location updates.

The device is small enough to be carried around in pockets or bags or can be attached to dog collars with the help of the fabric case.

2. Battery

Tack GPS is equipped with a rechargeable battery. It has a capacity of 750 mAh. The brand claims the battery can last up to 30 days in standard mode.

It takes about one and a half hours to charge the device completely. The LED on the tracker will turn green from red once it is charged. You will receive the required USB-C cable for charging with your purchase.

The battery life is better than other GPS devices on the market, meaning you do not have to charge the tracker once every 2 to 3 days. But the battery lasting up to a month is a stretch.

If you set short tracking intervals, the battery drains much faster. For example, if you wish to receive location updates every 10 or 2 minutes, the battery can drain in two to three weeks.

Operating temperature is another factor that affects battery life. The device can work in temperatures -10°C to 50°C, but it is best to keep the operating temperature between 0°C to 40°C. Extremely high or low temperatures can negatively affect battery life and device performance.

We have come across reviews wherein the battery degrades over time. So, six months to a year down the line, you may have to charge the device every other week.

3. Usability

The Tack GPS device has its own communication chip. So it does not rely on your phone for GPS or cell connection.

The device uses hybrid location technology – a mix of GPS, WiFi, and cell triangulation. It is equipped with smart AI that switches between these technologies to provide accurate location while efficiently using battery life.

The data is sent to a secure cloud through the IoT mobile network. This is how the tracker manages to be self-sufficient.

You will, however, need the internet on your phone so the tracking app can access the cloud and show the tracking information.

You can download the TackGPS app to pair, customize, and monitor the tracker. For example, you can set safe zones, view tracker locations, and manage reporting modes.

Track GPS offers four tracking modes, and they are as follows:

  • Power saving – updates once every four hours
  • Standard – updates once every hour
  • Active – updates once every 10 minutes
  • Emergency – updates once every 2 minutes

The tracker and the app are easy to use, but the TackGPS app needs several performance improvements.

4. Features

As Tack GPS uses multiple connective technologies, you can use it for indoor and outdoor tracking.

You can set safe zones through the app. You can drop four points on the map to create a safe zone. If your loved one exits or enters the zone, you will be notified. With the newest app update, you can create up to eight safe zones.

If your child or elderly parent needs help, you can activate the emergency mode, which will send you location updates every two minutes.

The app is capable of monitoring 99 devices from a single dashboard. Also, you can track the same device from multiple devices as long as you are logged in using the same account.

For example, if you and a caregiver take care of a senior with dementia, both of you can monitor the tracker using the same app credentials.

5. Performance

The tracker, with its AI technology and features, has a lot of potential. But in terms of performance. Tack GPS is decent at best.

The tracker provides location, but the updates are too far placed. For example, even with the emergency mode, you get location updates every two minutes. So, the location details are not in real-time.

For example, if a patient is inside the house or on a fenced property, two-minute updates should be enough. But if they are on the road, these updates may not be enough to find the patient.

The safe zone alerts work well, but the notifications could be quicker. Regarding accuracy, we did come across reviews wherein customers received false or inaccurate alerts. The device works well in cities with good connectivity. The accuracy can get spotty when you start moving toward rural areas.

Overall, Tack GPS can work well for elderly parents or senior pets. If you need to track someone who is a flight risk, then consider other GPS trackers that provide real-time updates.

What Sets the Tack GPS Tracker Apart from its Competitors?

What Sets the Tack GPS Tracker Apart from its Competitors

You can generate a location link of the tracker and share it with your contacts. The link can be active for 1, 3, or 7 days, depending on what you select at the time of generation. For example, if you need other caregivers to keep an eye on an elderly patient when you are not around, the location link can come in handy.

Another distinguishing feature of Tack GPS is that they do not charge any roaming fees or impose restrictions on tracker use. Once you have subscribed to their Tack Connect service, you can use the tracker in the supported countries without paying extra.

Should You Purchase the Tack GPS Tracker?

The Tack GPS can help you track your loved ones, pets, and assets. It can provide location updates every four hours, one hour, 10 minutes, or 2 minutes.

The device is straightforward to set up. The app has a basic design that is easy to understand, though it needs several enhancements to improve user experience.

Accuracy, update frequency, and battery can be an issue. Buy the tracker only if the update frequency works for you. If you need real-time updates, please consider other GPS trackers.

The below pros and cons can help with your buying decision.


  • It is a compact tracker weighing only about an ounce.
  • The GPS tracker works indoors and outdoors.
  • It has low monthly subscription costs.
  • You can create safe zones on the map and receive entry and exit alerts.
  • It has a one-click SOS button for emergencies.
  • You can share real-time locations with others.


  • Battery life does not last as advertised.
  • Some users have reported issues with customer support.
View Latest Price


Tack GPS is one of the mid-priced trackers available in the market. It has a listing price of $79.00.

You need a subscription to use the TackGPS app. The three plans offered by Tack are as follows:

  • Monthly – $3.99/month (billed once every three months)
  • One year – $3.29/month (billed annually)
  • Two years – $2.99/month (billed every two years)

With your Tack GPS purchase, your first 30 days of subscription are free. You can then choose a plan best suited to your requirements through the app.

If you wish to buy a fabric case for the tracker, it is available in two colors for about $10.


Does Tack GPS include a SIM?

Yes. Tack GPS has a built-in SIM; you do not have to buy a new one. The SIM provided by Tack is designed to make the most of networks like LTE-M and NB-IoT. Also, it would be difficult to find a pricing plan cheaper than $2.99-$3.99/month.

How accurate is the Tack GPS?

The accuracy of Tack GPS depends on the connective technology it uses. For example, GPS accuracy is up to 3 to 5 m, WPS accuracy is 10 to 30 m, and cell tower triangulation accuracy is around 100 to 300m.

How do I update the Tack GPS tracker?

You can update your Tack device through the TackGPS app. When a new update is available, a red icon will appear beside the device setting. You can then follow the instructions on the app to update your GPS device.


The Tack GPS tracker is a multifunctional device that is used to track your kids, elderly parents, pets, or assets. It uses GPS, WiFi, and cell triangulation technology to provide location updates.

It has an SOS mode for emergencies wherein you can receive updates once every two minutes. You must download the TackGPS app to set up and monitor the tracker. Tack offers affordable subscription plans.

The battery can last two to three weeks, depending on the tracking mode. The tracker and app accuracy and performance are decent.

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