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TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone With GPS Tracker

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Are you looking for a safe way to track your kids? A device that can help you communicate with your kids? A method that does not involve getting your kids a smartphone?

If yes, then you should consider the TickTalk 4 smartwatch.

It is a smartwatch designed for kids from the ages of 5 to 12. Apart from location tracking, the device offers a host of features like encrypted, in-app messaging, voice and HD video calling, parental control app, SOS button, free streaming music, and more.

The TickTalk 4 can be considered a pre-smartphone device for kids. It does not offer internet access. So your kids cannot access social media apps or other online content.

You have complete control over which contacts can call the watch, thus effectively blocking calls and messages from unknown numbers.

Let us get started with an in-depth TickTalk 4 review to understand if the smartwatch is worth buying.

Product Overview
ModelTickTalk 4
TechnologyCellular 4G/LTE/Bluetooth/GPS
Dimensions1.75" x 1.63" x 0.63"
Weight2.3 ounces
Screen Size1.54”
Screen TypeTFT Touchscreen5 Million Pixels
BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion, 1000 mAh
SIMNano SIM card(included for US only)
Processor64-bit Quad-core Processor
Memory Capacity8 GB
ColorBlack, Blue, Pink
Subscription$9.99/month for SIM plan
WarrantyLifetime warranty
Customer SupportEmailLive ChatCall
Amazon Rating4.0 out of 5 (2128 ratings)

Our Rating


Ease of Assembly

Ease of Use




Touch Screen

Tech Support

Value for Money

Overall Rating: 3.9/5

About TickTalk

The brand was created by two concerned parents who were looking to safely connect with their daughter without getting her a cellphone.

TickTalk is based out of Southern California. The products are designed internally without any third-party vendors, so you get the highest level of data security. The brand has also partnered with AWS to protect user data further.

The smartwatch lets you introduce technology to your kids in a controlled manner. In case of any questions, you can reach out to their dedicated support team in Southern California. They are available Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST.

Who is the TickTalk 4 Smartwatch For?

Do you want to know your kids’ location? Do you want to be able to voice and video call them? Do you want your kids to be able to reach out for help in case of any emergencies?

You can do all this using TickTalk 4 and its app.

Smartphones provide us with peace of mind. You can reach out to your loved ones any time you want to ensure they are doing fine. But getting your young kids a smartphone may not be a wise choice.

You are letting them have early access to the internet and social media. There are, of course, parental controls you can apply. But you may not be able to completely stop unwanted contacts from reaching out to your children.

TickTalk 4 offers similar functionality to a smartphone but without internet, social media, or games access. It is a much safer alternative to keep track of your kids. You are also introducing technology to them in a much-controlled environment.

As mentioned before, the smartwatch is designed for children ages 5 to 12. It is a COPPA Safe Harbor-certified product that ensures the data collected, used, and stored is as per the security norms set for children.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product on

So, we have tackled the question of who should be using the smartwatch. Next, let us understand how the smartwatch performs, its design, its usability, and the features it offers.

1. Design


My first impression is that the smartwatch is on the bulkier side. Its dimensions are 1.75” x 1.63” x 0.63”. It weighs about 2.3 ounces. It has a maximum wristband size of 7.48”.

If your kids tend to remove their watches or have frail hands, the smartwatch may not be the best option. With TickTalk 4, you can no longer change the wristbands.

That said, the watch is not uncomfortable to wear due to its size and weight. The device is drop and shock-proof.

It has an IP67 water resistance rating. It can work with monitor spills and splashes. But your child must remove the watch when going into the pool or water slides.

Inside the box, you will receive the smartwatch, a USB charging cable, a US SIM card, a pre-installed screen protector, and a SIM lid opener.

Currently, TickTalk 4 is compatible with GSM networks.

In terms of accessories, you can buy the power base, which makes for convenient charging, or some fun watch charms.

2. Battery

The smartwatch has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has a capacity of 1000 mAh. The company claims it has a standby time of 100 hours. And as per 9000 TickTalk 4s in use worldwide, the average capacity is around 60 hours.

Starting with a 1000 mAh battery, that is a good capacity for a smartwatch. If you use the device for a few hours a day, it can last for a week before needing to be recharged.

Applications like streaming music, video calling, GPS location tracking, or poor signal can drain the battery quicker. In such cases, the device battery can last 2 to 4 days.

TickTalk offers battery-saving techniques like rebooting the watch daily or turning off cellular data in areas with poor reception and connecting to WiFi.

3. Usability


Before you start with device activation, ensure the smartwatch is charged. While the device is charging, you must activate your SIM card.

The SIM activation portal depends on the SIM you buy. For example, if you opt for TickTalk Wireless, you can activate the card on the TickTalk Wireless website. If it is a Red Pocket SIM, visit the Red Pocket TickTalk portal.

You may have to scan or enter the SIM ICCID number and, depending on the SIM, the IMEI number of the device. Register your account, and verify your email. You can then select the pay-as-you-go monthly plan, verify details, and complete payment.

The actual steps may vary slightly depending on the SIM. You can find detailed setup videos on TickTalk’s website. It may take up to an hour for the SIM to activate.

Power off the device and install the activated SIM. Next, power on the device and pair it with the TickTalk app. The smartwatch will generate a QR code to complete the pairing process. You can now customize the device and features using the app.

While putting together our TickTalk 4 review, we found there are quite a few steps involved in the setup process, but the company offers good documentation. The app in itself is decent, but it could do with some UI and performance improvements.

4. Features

The watch offers GPS location tracking services. It will first locate a public WiFi to provide you with location details while conserving battery. If the WiFi signal is poor, it will try to locate a GPS signal; if that fails, it will locate a cell tower. So, the accuracy could be affected depending on the location tracking method.

The TickTalk app offers 20+ parental controls. You can control what other applications or contacts can access the smartwatch using the app. You can enable the firewall to block unapproved numbers from directly calling the watch.

You can set the watch in do not disturb mode or disable the watch from being turned off. You can set custom text responses, send greeting cards or watch the call logs. You can set limits on music streaming.

You can set daily step goals under the Activity tracker and encourage your kid to have a more active lifestyle.

It has a SOS button that can be set to call 911 or emergency contact numbers you deem appropriate.

In terms of features, the TickTalk 4 smartwatch does deliver.

5. Performance


The GPS tracking accuracy is inconsistent. For example, WiFi offers an accuracy of around 100 to 500 feet. In the case of cell towers, the accuracy could be 500 feet to 20 miles. GPS provides the best accuracy.

But as the device heavily relies on WiFi to conserve battery, the location accuracy is not the best. If location tracking is your priority, I suggest you look for other GPS-enabled portable trackers.

With regular use, the battery lasts up to 2 to 3 days which is a plus. It also performs well in terms of the features available.

The in-app messaging is encrypted end-to-end. The responses are limited to pre-set messages. Custom responses could be taken up as an improvement.

The firewall feature is a good security addition. You can prevent unwanted calls and spammers. Any contact you approve will need the device’s IMEI number to contact the watch.

TickTalk offers a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. US customers can buy an extended warranty that covers water damage, broken bands, and more.

What Sets the TickTalk 4 Smartwatch Apart from its Competitors?

With TickTalk 4, you have multiple ways of communicating with your kids. For example, you have in-app messaging, voice calling, and HD video calling.

The watch comes with 2x 5 MP cameras. The video-calling experience is decent. The device can also record 30-second videos and save them in a photo album. Your child can send you pictures through the messaging center.

Another distinguishing feature of the smartwatch is the remote answer feature. You can remotely listen in to what is happening around your child.

Activating the feature sends a callback request to the smartwatch. You will receive a call from the watch in about a minute. Answer the call to listen in and ensure your kids are where they are supposed to be.

Should You Purchase the TickTalk 4 Smartwatch?

Should You Purchase the TickTalk 4 Smartwatch?

If you are looking to stay in touch with your young kids without getting them a smartphone, the TickTalk 4 is a good option.

It does not provide internet access. So your kids are protected against inappropriate online content.

You can message them, voice or video call them. You have control over who can contact them through the smartwatch. It has good battery life. It has an SOS button for emergencies.

The watch is pricey, but it offers value for money. If you specifically want GPS tracking features, consider other options, as the accuracy is currently a hit or miss.


  • It provides end-to-end encrypted in-app messaging
  • It provides 2-way voice and HD video calling
  • You can customize the smartwatch experience with 20+ parental controls
  • It includes an SOS button that can help contact 911 or emergency contacts
  • Your kid can listen to music from iHeartRadio Family
  • It offers a one-way listening feature through the app


  • International customers must buy a SIM card
  • It can be an expensive GPS tracking device
  • It does not offer geofencing features
View Latest Price


The TickTalk 4 smartwatch is priced at $199.

You will need a monthly plan from your chosen network carrier. This can be as low as $9.99/month.

TickTalk offers an extended warranty to its US customers for $30. But you must buy the smartwatch from the official website. Accessories are available from $9.99 to $19.99. You can choose to buy the products in bundles to get discounts.


Can TickTalk 4 communicate with international numbers?

Yes. As long as you have a GSM plan, the smartwatch will be able to communicate with international numbers. You can set the numbers and the dialing details using the TickTalk app.

Do the TickTalk 4 smartwatches have games on them?

No. The TickTalk 4 smartwatches do not offer games, social media, or internet to your kids. They can be viewed as a safer alternative to smartphones.

Is the TickTalk 4 device waterproof?

The TickTalk 4 device has an IP67 water resistance rating. The device may be able to withstand minor spills and splashes. But ensure to remove the watch when going for activities like swimming.

Is there a time limit to the FaceTalk video calls you make?

Yes. As a safety measure, the TickTalk 4 imposes a 3-minute time limit on the FaceTalk video calls. You can immediately start another video call after the time limit.


The TickTalk 4 is one of the better smartwatches available in the market. It is designed for kids from the ages of 5 to 12. You can track and communicate with your kids without buying them a smartphone.

The smartwatch is a COPPA-certified product. The device does not offer internet access, social media, or gaming.

It provides several noteworthy features like a parental control app, safe in-app messaging, 2-way voice and video calls, and free streaming music.

Its GPS accuracy is on the lower side. And the smartwatch costs about $200. Overall though, it is a well-performing and feature-rich smartwatch.

We hope our TickTalk 4 review helps you with your purchase decision.

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