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TomTom GO Discover 7 Review [Expert’s Analysis]

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You are trying to find an exit on the freeway. You are looking at directions on the tiny screen of your smartphone, fumbling with the controls only to miss the exit. Have you ever been in such a situation? I have—plenty of times at that. 

The GPS directions on my phone work well. But I do not want to be looking at my small phone screen while driving. If I have company, they can guide me along the way. But if I travel solo or drive around for work, I prefer using a standalone GPS navigator.

TomTom is a well-known brand in the navigation space. I have tested and used several navigators from the company in the past.

Today, I will be reviewing the TomTom GO Discover 7 navigator. The device comes with a 7-inch bright display. Compared to other TomTom models, the HD-quality touchscreen is more responsive and allows better control. So that helps resolve my concern with small screens. 

You get noteworthy features like live speed camera alerts, live fuel pricing, and off-street parking information.

The tracker is priced upwards of $300. The above live features are chargeable after the trial period, and they can be expensive. So, is the GO Discover 7 navigator worth investing in?

The article will look at the navigator’s design, features, and performance and help with your buying decision.

Product Overview
ModelTomTom GO Discover 7
Dimension (W x H x D)7.48 x 0.79 x 4.72 inches
Weight14.1 ounces
Display Dimension (W x H)7 inches
Display TypeHigh definition touchscreen
Display Resolution1280 x 800 pixels HD
Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Battery LifeUp to 116 minutes (with 100% brightness)
Operating Temperature0°C to 45°C
RAM Memory2 GB
ConnectivityBluetooth and Wi-Fi
Internal Storage32 GB
WarrantyOne year from the date of purchaseThe product will be free from defects in workmanship and materials
Amazon Rating4.1 out of 5 (120 ratings)

Our Rating








Overall Rating: 4.1/5

About TomTom GO Discover 7

TomTom specializes in offering navigational apps and products. With over 30 years of experience, the brand’s product range includes navigational devices for cars, motorcycles, campers, caravans, large vehicles, and in-dash navigation.

It also offers mobile navigation apps with features like clear lane guidance, live traffic updates, speed details, offline maps, gas stations, and ad-free navigation.

TomTom uses its own map platform to map traffic, road network, and point of interest in real-time. Depending on the device, you can get quarterly or weekly map updates for accurate navigational information.

Who is The TomTom GO Discover 7 For?

Who is The TomTom GO Discover 7 For

If you prioritize navigational accuracy and an exceptional user experience, then explore the GO Discover product series.

TomTom’s mapping platform is known to provide accurate information. Looking for addresses is easier and faster. The 7-inch large HD display screen is another add-on.

But consider the device dimensions, as they can be big for certain vehicles. The device should not hinder your view in any way.

TomTom has reduced the size of its map updates to make downloads quicker. Instead of quarterly, with GO Discover, you get weekly updates. So you can stay up-to-date on changes like road closures and diversions.

These make the GPS navigation device ideal for everyday commutes.

If we consider road trips, TomTom offers features like route planners and road trip collections. You can choose to explore beautiful coastal, forest, or mountain roads. You can also personalize routes based on points of interest you want to explore.

So overall, the GO Discover 7 can be an ideal navigational device for short everyday travel or long-distance road trips.

5 Important Factors We Tested The Product On

The TomTom GO Discover 7 looks pretty good on paper. I tested the navigator on my daily work trips in the city. I also used it for a couple of short road trips over the weekend.

I have considered aspects like the device design, setup, usability, accuracy, and functionality.

Here is how the GO Discover 7 performed during testing.

1. Design


The GO Discover 7 is one of the larger car navigation devices offered by TomTom. The device dimensions are 7.48 x 0.79 x 4.72 inches. The display dimension is 7 inches.

The device is to be placed on the windshield, window, or dashboard. It can be a bit chunky design-wise, so ensure you have enough space in your car. It should not interfere with your driving view.

In terms of screen quality, it has a high-definition touchscreen. The display resolution stands at 1280 x 800 pixels. The display quality is on the higher end compared to other TomTom devices.

The big and bright screen displays clear routes. Tasks like scrolling, swiping, and zooming in and out are smooth. The map view quality holds up even when you zoom in. The 2 GB RAM helps with a faster user interface.

Overall, the design is one of GO Discover’s value-adding features.

2. Battery

The GO Discover 7 includes a lithium polymer battery. The battery is supposed to last for up to 116 minutes at 100% screen brightness. The device offers an extended battery life compared to other TomTom devices.

The GO Discover battery takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge entirely. Always ensure that you use the charging accessories you receive in the box. The device model needs an output charge of 5 V/2.4 A. Directly connecting to the vehicle’s USB port may not provide sufficient power.

The battery lasts up to an hour to one and a half hours. The battery is a bit disappointing, especially for a device at this price point. I recommend you have the car charger handy, especially for longer trips.

The brand recommends you keep the screen brightness and volume at a lower level to extend battery performance.

Please note that the GO Discover battery is not replaceable. Do not open the device, use liquid cleaners, or use the device in high-temperature areas, as it can lead to possible damage.

3. Usability


An intuitive user interface has been one of the strongest aspects of TomTom devices. The GO Discover device is no different.

Installing the device is pretty straightforward. You connect one end of the USB cable to the device mount and the other end to the car charger. Plug the charger and mount the device on the windshield or driver’s side window.

You can customize how you want your display to look. For example, you can customize features like day and night colors, zoom and orientation, brightness, menu layout, and more.

You can choose what you want to see on the map. For example, points of interest, hill terrain, and street names. You can also set the size of the text and buttons.

There are plenty of customization options available in the GO Discover series. Initially, it may take time to go through the features, but the device is easy to understand and use.

4. Performance

TomTom maps offer accurate navigation information. In addition, the GO Discover products get weekly map updates. These updates can include road closures, directions, and speed limits. The live traffic services are an added advantage.

You can customize the routing information to show you fast, efficient, or shortest routes. You can let the device know you want to avoid routes with tolls or ferries.

What makes navigation easier are the spoken instructions for guidance and alerts. You can choose from more than 30 languages and versions.

For example, different versions like UK, US, Irish, New Zealand, and Australian are available if we consider English. Other languages include French, Polish, Dutch, Afrikaans, Czech, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The Wi-Fi connectivity has been improved to download map updates three times faster. There is an improvement, but updating via a computer is still the best option.

5. Features


As the device focuses on navigation accuracy and quality, there are only a few fancy features to explore.

A few notable ones are map orientation, my routes, moving lane guidance, and vehicle information.

You can set the map orientation to be 2D, 3D, or 2D up north.

With my routes, you can save and retrieve frequently used routes like the one to your work. Or you can plan vacation routes in advance. Under the plan route section, you can select routes specific to cars, trucks, and RVs.

If you find merging into highway lanes or making an exit challenging, like me, the moving lane guidance feature can help. It highlights the lane you should stay on when on your planned route.

You can save your engine and fuel type in the vehicle section settings to receive fuel and guidance information catered to your car.

What Sets The Product Apart From Its Competitors?

The map and feature coverage TomTom offers sets it apart from its competitors. On TomTom’s website, you can view the countries covered and the percentage of map coverage.

Detailed traffic coverage is available in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Austria, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, and more. For example, the US and UK have 98% detailed map coverage. Similarly, speed camera coverage is available in Argentina, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, and more.

Once you pair your smartphone and TomTom device, you can get live services like fuel prices, speed camera alerts, and off-street parking. These three services are available for a one-year free trial.

You can check for low gas prices beforehand so you are aware of the situation in case of an emergency. Also, with live parking information, you can explore new places rather than wasting time searching for parking spots.

Should You Purchase The Product?

Should You Purchase the Product

Consider the TomTom GO Discover series if you need a navigation device that focuses on functionality and usability.

It does not include fancy features its Garmin counterpart offers, like hands-free calling, Foursquare, or a history database. But the GO Discover device is best at what it is meant for – navigation.

The device is one on the pricier end. The subscription charges for live services can add up after the free trial period.

So here are some pros and cons to help you decide if it is a suitable navigation device for you.


  • The 7-inch bright display makes viewing maps easier.
  • The device has a better display resolution than other TomTom models.
  • The device has a built-in 5Hz Wi-Fi band.
  • It offers 1-year of live speed cameras, fuel prices, and off-street parking information.
  • The device provides moving lane guidance.
  • It supports multiple languages for user interface and spoken instruction.


  • TomTom offers a limited warranty on the GO Discover device.
  • You need to pay for the live services after the 1-year mark.
  • It does not support hands-free calling or smartphone message notifications.


The TomTom GO Discover 7 device is priced at $309.00. Inside the box, you will receive the navigation device, car charger, USB cable, click and drive mount, and a quick start guide.

At the time of writing, TomTom was offering users free accessories like a carry case and dashboard mount disks with the purchase of 6 and 7-inch GO Discover models.

Ensure you buy the product from TomTom or an authorized dealer for the warranty to apply.


Does the TomTom GO Discover have a memory card slot?

No. The TomTom GO Discover navigation devices do not have an external memory card slot. Instead, they have a RAM capacity of 2 GB and an internal memory of 32 GB. This memory capacity is enough for the device to work efficiently.

Does the GO Discover device include a SIM card?

No. The GO Discover device does not include a built-in SIM card. However, you can access TomTom services like traffic, speed camera, and fuel pricing information by pairing the navigation device with your smartphone.

What is the difference between TomTom GO Discover 6 and 7-inch devices?

Both navigation models offer the same features. However, they differ in terms of their screen size, resolution, and battery life. The 6-inch model has a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a battery life of up to 48 minutes.

How many languages does the GO Discover device support for spoken instructions?

The GO Discover device supports 30+ languages for spoken instructions. Some of these include English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Dutch, and more.


If you are looking for a standalone GPS device for your car with quality map details and directions, consider the TomTom GO Discover 7.

It has a high-definition 7-inch display. The touchscreen is pretty responsive with a simplified UI design. It supports Bluetooth and WiFi connective technology.

It provides moving lane guidance, helping drivers get a seamless driving experience. You can get live features like fuel prices and speed camera alerts for a year, after which you must pay for them.

The device is comparatively pricier. But if you want a navigational device with good usability and functionality, the GO Discover 7 could be an ideal choice.

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