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Track your field workers and your equipment with a Trax GPS Tracker

Optimize your resources! Trax GPS trackers allow enterpreneurs to make the best use of their assets, reduce costs and improve safety and productivity of field staff and drivers.

Track your child with a Trax Play GPS Tracker

Follow your child from your smartphone. It’s smart, affordable and getting started is a breeze.

Trax is easy to attach with the included clips

Trax Clips

  Clip with spring                  Belt clip

Track multiple drone trackers via phone app

Don’t lose your drone again!

Are you a big fan of those cool things called drones or quadrocopters? You may have invested a lot of money in it and you don’t want to lose it! Then a Trax GPS Tracking device is definitely what you need! In case your drone does disappear, you can quickly pinpoint its location with a Trax GPS tracker!

Use Geofences to get an alert when a tracker enters or leaves a specified area

Trax Geofences have no size limit and you can create as many as you need.

Use scheduling if you want to monitor certain areas on specific days.

a phone in a hand showing geofence in Trax GPS tracker app
Trax Play mini GPS tracker for kids, elderly, special needs people, pets, car fleet

A really smart & small
GPS Tracker

Trax GPS tracking device provides you real-time tracking

Setting up GeoFences will help you track when employees arrive at external sites, if they leave unexpectedly, or are caught up in traffic. You can also set up speed limits and get instantly notified if the vehicle supplied with Trax exceeds it.

Tracking multiple Trax gps trackers via phone app or desktop
Track multiple trackers in the app

Add as many trackers as you want

Trax works both via a mobile app but for those businesses with multiple users, an unlimited number of trackers can be followed via the web application on your PC too!

Share trackers

When you set up your tracker you can easily share it with anyone who uses the Trax App. You are in control at all times. It’s very easy to toggle the sharing for individual trackers and followers

Multiple Tracker support

Trax comes with a free App that is intuitive and easy to use. You will be able to follow your trackers in real-time and there is no limit to how many trackers you can add.

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2G| 3G | LTE CAT M1 versions