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Track your child with a Trax Play GPS Tracker

Follow your child from your smartphone or computer. It’s smart, affordable and easy to use!

Track your child with a Trax Play GPS Tracker

Follow your child from your smartphone. It’s smart, affordable and easy to use!

Trax is easy to attach with the included clips

Trax Clips

  Clip with spring                  Belt clip

Gain peace of mind and keep your children safe and secure!

Anyone who’s been a parent has experienced the terror of not being able to find her child, whether at an amusement park, in a store, at a station or anywhere else kids can get lost – which is anywhere, sometimes even right in your own neighborhood!

Track your special needs kid with a Trax GPS tracker

For parents who are taking care of children with special needs (for example Autism or Down syndrome) the Trax Play GPS Tracking device is a great help! These children can often innocently wander from their homes. Children with ASD are eight times more likely to elope between the ages of 7 and 10 than their typically-developing sibling (IAN Research Report: Elopement and Wandering.) The Trax Play GPS tracker helps caregivers to locate and find their wandering children before anything tragic happens!

Follow your Teenage driver with a Trax GPS tracker

Teenage driving is one of the most anxiety-ridden experiences you’ll go through as a parent, car accidents are the number one cause of death among teens. Teenagers get easily distracted by their mobile phones, friends sitting in their car or different things happening around them. Another issue is that teen drivers in general show a tendency to risky driving due to poor judgment or reckless behavior. However, you can’t shuttle your adolescent around forever. If you’re worried about your teen speeding or traveling to places he shouldn’t go, a Trax GPS tracker may act as a deterrent and could help avoid extra costs and stress related to accidents on the road. Trax GPS tracker is the solution to your headache!

Use Geofences to get an alert when a tracker enters or leaves a specified area

Trax Geofences have no size limit and you can create as many as you need.

Use scheduling if you want to monitor certain areas on specific days.

Trax Play

A really smart & small Personal GPS Tracker

Track multiple gps trackers via Trax app

Add as many trackers as you want and share them with the whole family

Add as many trackers as you want and share them with the whole family

Track multiple trackers in the app

Share trackers

When you set up your tracker you can easily share it with anyone who uses the Trax App. You are in control at all times. It’s very easy to toggle the sharing for individual trackers and followers

Multiple Tracker support

Trax comes with a free App that is intuitive and easy to use. You will be able to follow your trackers in real-time and there is no limit to how many trackers you can add.

Use Augmented Reality to find your child

Use the camera in your smartphone to quickly locate your child. Pan the phone around you, when you are pointing in the direction of your tracker it will show up on screen with an arrow pointing you in the right direction.

Augmented reality gps tracker shows where the kid is

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