There are many ways to use Trax Play. The lightweight GPS tracker fits into every pocket, while the application is easy to understand and handle.

“Did she make it to the bus on time?”

8 years old Emma has just started going to school by herself, taking the bus in the mornings and walking home with a group of friends in the afternoon. Anna was very anxious the first few times Emma went to school by herself and asked her daughter to carry a phone so she could check up on her. However, Emma usually doesn’t respond to calls on time and as of recently kids are not allowed to bring communication technology to school for privacy reasons. After doing some research on the internet, Anna discovered Trax.
She drops the small, kid-friendly tracker into Emma’s school bag and uses her phone to set a GeoFence around the bus stop in the mornings and the school during operating hours. This way she gets notified when Emma reaches the bus, the school, and when she leaves at the end of the day. It’s also a great way to see if the young girl strolls off on her way home from school or if she forgets to tell her mom that she is staying over at a friend’s house.
Anna can set as many Geofences, or Safezones as she wants. She can also set the times these geofences should be active.
Anna can easily see where her daughter is anytime, simply by having a glance at her phone. What a relief!

“Is he in trouble?”

Johan has been receiving some troubling calls from his son, Lucas’ school. Lucas has been missing in class a few times and was spotted going around town with older kids in their cars. After confronting his son about this behavior, Johan decides to check if he got his message across and puts a Trax tracker inside Lucas’ jacket. He sets a Safezone around the boy’s school to ensure he gets there on time and sets a notification for speeds over 30km/h. This way he knows if Lucas is leaving the school grounds during lectures or is traveling in a car instead of on his bike. He can also track exactly where his son goes after school. By adding this layer of safety, Johan can rest assured that his son is going where he’s supposed to and intervene if he isn’t. 

“But what if something happens?”

Anna is training for a marathon, so she goes for runs several times a week. Living in Sweden, this means that during the winter months she mostly goes running in the dark. Johan is very worried about not knowing where his wife is for several hours at a time. Training long-distance, Anna runs a big part of her route in the forest. Quite often her phone is already on low battery by the evening when returning from work, so it regularly dies during her runs.

Now that they have Trax, both of them finally have peace of mind. Anna throws the small and light tracker in her pocket and is assured that her husband can easily track where she is on his phone. Johan has set a Geofence around his wife’s usual route, to ensure he is notified immedietly if she strays from it. Trax provides the extra security Anna needs to feel safe during her run and helps reduce Johan’s worries.

“Are we receiving the service we pay for?

The family is in a Doggy Daycare 4 days a week. Johan and the Daycare have agreed on walking dog SiggeSigge for at least a full hour in the afternoon. Johan pays an extra high fee to the Daycare to ensure Sigge get’s his daily big walk. However, the family notices that Sigge is very energetic in the evenings and wants to go out into the yard to play and run as soon as he gets home. Anna attaches Trax on Sigge’s collar using the original Trax accessory and checks the route the Daycare walks with him during the afternoons. Instead of the agreed hour, Johan notices Sigge actually only gets a 15 Minute walk. The family decides to talk to the Daycare again to ensure their agreement is fulfilled in the future.

As Sigge now carries Trax on his collar, he has a much lower risk of going missing. Johan remembers that because Sigge’s dog breed is rare, the risk of loss is a big issue when negotiating a rate for the dog insurance.

“How can I keep my kids close in foreign places?”

The family loves traveling to faraway places, usually stopping in big cities as well as more remote areas. Travelling with two young kids makes Anna nervous. Especially on the beach or in amusement parks, she is constantly afraid of losing sight of her family. By giving Trax to her children, Anna can locate exactly where they are even in a crowded space and her phone can give her the directions to their location. While her kids use virtual reality on their phones to discover Pokémons, Anna can easily keep up with them thanks to the augmented reality function of her Trax App. By setting a digital fence around their hotel, Anna can even take a peaceful afternoon nap without fear, as she will get notified if one of her kids leaves the area. Above all, Trax works in more than 100 countries, all included in the data package at no extra cost.

Add a layer of security.

Daniel (39) and Sara (30) live in a 3-generation household with their autistic son Leo (11) and Sara’s father Malcolm (72). Besides their successful careers, the couple is dealing with the daily challenges of parenting, while Malcolm is experiencing more and more symptoms of his dementia. 

“Can we be discreet about this?”

Malcolm has always been an active man, even at increasing age. However, for the last few years his memory has become worse. A few months ago, the 72-year old was diagnosed with mild dementia, which is characterized by short-term memory loss, trouble organizing and especially, getting lost in familiar and unfamiliar environments. After talking to Daniel and Sara about the worrying developments, they decide to deal with Malcolms illness in a discreet way. Malcolm agrees to carry around a Trax tracker, so that his daughter can see where he is. In case he gets lost, Malcolm can call her and without having to explain his whereabouts, Sara will be able to find him. At the same time she can quickly see if he wanders off his usual routes. Should he wander off, Sara can immediately change the update times to 10 seconds, ensuring they have real time information on where Malcolm goes. By setting timed GeoFences relevant to places Malcolm is supposed to go, she can remind him if he leaves home too late or forgets an appointment. With Trax, the family has found a discreet way to deal with the challenges of aging.

“How can we maintain control and give him freedom?”

Leo often gets distracted and has gotten lost a few times when playing with his friends. Studies show that 60% of autistic children tend to wander off, a fact that keeps parents very concerned. Although the children usually wander off with innocent intentions, many of their stories have tragic endings. As Sara and Daniel can’t spend every waking second watching Leo, they have been searching for a solution that provides security for their son and peace of mind for them. Thanks to Trax’ small size and child-friendly design, it’s the perfect companion for Leo’s everyday activities. It fits in his pocket and additionally Trax comes with a safe-attachment accessory. Now both parents can see where their son is by opening the Trax app on their phone anytime they want. Thanks to GeoFences and Notifications, they get instantly alarmed if something out of the ordinary happens.

Manage commitments

Take Trax to the next level and use it in your professional life. How can Trax help you in a B2B context? There are many applications.

“Where are they and when?”

No matter if you are managing a small gardening company or a big construction business, if your employees spend their time working on external sites it’s hard to manage their time and commitment. By using Trax in your company cars or tools, you’ll always know where your employees are. Setting up GeoFences will help you track when employees arrive at external sites, if they leave unexpectedly or are caught up in traffic. You can use the tracking data to gain a better understanding of time spent on different projects, productivity rates and employee commitment. This knowledge can be vital to running a successful business. Above all, Trax not only works via a mobile app but for those businesses with multiple users, an unlimited number of trackers can be followed via the web application on your PC too.

“Can patients be happy and safe at the same time?”

More and more care centers and elderly homes are discovering the benefits of using technology to keep patients safe. Instead of burdening patients with complicated smartphones or heavy tech gadgets, the simplicity of Trax satisfies both parties’ needs. Patients enjoying their freedom don’t need to take up more time from the staff, as establishing GeoFences and providing patients with Trax trackers automates security procedures. Staff will get notified as soon as a patient leaves the grounds or stays away for too long. Patients’ whereabouts can be tracked from several staff members at the same time. A discreet way to provide freedom and ensure safety, while decreasing staff stress levels.

“Can we just rely on training?”

Eliminate the downsides of working with canine units in police and rescue environments. Training dogs for rescue and search purposes takes time and commitment, making these dogs some of the most valuable helpers in specific situations. While the dogs are trained to return to their handlers and are often kept on leash, there are situations when a dog needs to run free to fulfil its task. Using the super-light Trax to keep track of the animals provides peace of mind to their handlers and increases safety for the canines. Trax notifies the handler when the dog strays too far; additionally, the handler can see if the animal suddenly stops, which could be an indication of it being hurt. Thanks to real-time tracking, the dog can be easily found even in bad sight conditions and uneasy environments.

Trax for your business venture

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