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Spy Spot 4G Hardwire Kill Switch GPS Vehicle Tracker

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Hardwire GPS trackers can provide you with a wealth of information. They are capable of providing real-time tracking 24/7. They can provide vehicle-specific information like speed, braking, miles per hour, and ignition on/off.

One such device we will review today is the Spy Spot 4G hardwire GPS tracker.

Apart from possessing the capabilities mentioned above, the hardwire GPS tracker from Spy Spot comes with a kill switch. You can remotely kill the starter on the vehicle using the website or app. This can help protect one of your beloved assets – your vehicle.

The tracker needs a service plan to work. You will have to opt for the premium plan to get the most benefits of the device. But the premium plans can be a pricey investment.

So, is the Spy Spot hardwire tracker worth buying? Let’s find out.

Product Overview
BrandSpy Spot
ModelSpy Spot 4G Hardwire GPS Tracker
Type4G LTE
Dimensions2 x 1.8 x 1 inches
Weight1.95 ounces
BatteryPowered by vehicle battery
Operating Temperature30˚C to +75˚C
History6 months
CoverageThe US, Canada, and Mexico
Subscription PlanStarts from $9.95 to $24.00(depends on payment frequency)
Customer SupportWebsite - messageEmail(Availability - Monday to Friday)
Amazon Rating4.0 out of 5 (148 ratings)

Our Rating


Ease of Assembly

Ease of Use





Tech Support

Customer Support

Overall Rating: 4.0/5

About Spy Spot

Spy Spot is based out of the South Florida area. It is a full-service private investigation agency. It specializes in selling the latest spy equipment.

They offer a wide range of products like GPS trackers, spy cameras, body cameras, security signs, voice recorders, and bug detectors.

Under the GPS tracker category, you can find hardwired, OBD, and portable trackers, GPS cases, chargers, cables, and other accessories.

You can buy their products online or browse their collection by visiting any of the four Spy Spot Investigations physical stores.

Who is The Spy Spot 4G Hardwire GPS Tracker For?

You can use the hardwire GPS Tracker for personal or business purposes.

For example, you can install a tracker in your teen’s car to keep track of their locations and driving habits. You can know when they reach school, their friends’ place or home.

You can get information like speed and braking. You can use these insights to teach and monitor your teens so they practice safe driving habits.

You can keep track of your senior parents or other elderly relatives driving around. You can know when they have safely made it to their destination.

From a business perspective, you can install the trackers on your fleet. Spy Spot offers discounts on bulk purchases.

You can see what routes, stops, and addresses your employees drive to. You can access six months of history reports. You can use this information to optimize your logistic processes.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

The Spy Spot tracker, with its designs and features, has a lot of potential. But how effectively does the tracker perform? Does it live up to its potential? Let us understand its performance below.

1. Design


The tracker has a compact structure. Its dimensions are 2 x 1.8 x 1 inches. It weighs about 1.95 ounces. Considering its size, the tracker can easily be installed under the dashboard, away from prying eyes.

The case material of the device is ABS plastic. It is a good quality material that makes it resistant to external impacts.

The device comes with a 3-wire installation. You must connect the black wire to the ground, the red wire to a constant 12 V source, and the white wire to a switchable 12 V source.

The kill switch, using which you can disable and enable the vehicle ignition, is included with the package.

2. Battery

The advantage of using hardwire GPS trackers is that they draw power from the vehicle’s battery. Once you install the device, there is no need to monitor or charge the tracker.

You must ensure the tracker receives the appropriate voltage to function.

One of the drawbacks of the device is that it does not have a backup battery. Most hardwired GPS trackers have a backup, which keeps the device for a short period when it is disconnected from the vehicle power source.

You can, of course, check if the Spy Spot tracker is online or offline through the tracking platform. But a battery backup could have been a nice feature to have.

3. Usability


You can activate the tracker on Spy Spot’s website. You will have to input the IMEI number of the device, choose a service plan, and input your billing information.

You can also download the app SpySpotGPS and click on the ‘Activate Device’ option.

It will take about 24 hours for the tracker to activate. You cannot log in to the tracking portal or the app until device activation. Also, Spy Spot charges an activation fee.

It would be best if you got the tracker installed by a professional. People who offer audio or alarm installation can help you with the tracker as well.

You can track the device using the SpySpotGPS website and app. You can access the website from any phone, computer, or tablet.

The dashboard of the tracking platform shows all the active devices under your account. You can view information like the last event, last event time, last address, last bearing and speed, and last battery voltage.

You also have shortcut options like last position, replay, monitor, and report. So you can monitor a trip in real time or replay a trip that has been completed.

The tracking platform and the app offer similar functionality, but the app has a better UI than the website.

4. Features

You can set geofence perimeters for the tracker. For example, you can set a geofence around your home, office, or your teen’s school.

Now, when the tracker enters or leaves these geofences, you will get an alert. So, you can track when your kids or spouse have made their way home.

You can get detailed reports with information like speed, braking, mileage, ignition on and off, breadcrumb trail, and more.

You can access up to six months of historical data. You can get these alerts through text or email.

5. Performance


The tracker can provide you updates every minute while in motion. If the update frequency works for you, the tracker is a decent buy. But if you need updates at shorter intervals, like every 5 to 10 seconds, explore other hardwire trackers.

You can monitor the tracker using the satellite or street view from Google Maps. When you track the device on the portal, you can see information like latitude and longitude, speed, heading, GPS quality, street address, and time.

Accuracy-wise, the tracker provides decent information. The location update can sometimes be over 50 feet off. The kill switch works as expected.

Overall, it is a well-performing GPS tracker. But you do have to buy the premium plan to get the full set of features and alerts.

What Sets The Spy Spot 4G Hardwire GPS Tracker Apart From its Competitors?

As mentioned above, the GPS tracker comes with a kill switch that can help enable/disable the vehicle.

Once your vehicle is parked, turn it on and log in to the tracking portal. Under the ‘Control Vehicle’ section, you will find the function ‘Disable Starter.’

Once you click on this function, your vehicle’s ignition will be disabled in about 30 seconds. The vehicle will now be turned off, and you will not be able to turn it back on.

You have to log back into the login portal and, this time, click on the function ‘Enable Starter.’ You should be able to turn on your vehicle in about 30 seconds.

The kill switch is a good safety feature that can help protect your valuable asset.

Should You Purchase the Spy Spot 4G Hardwire GPS Tracker?

Should You Purchase the Spy Spot 4G Hardwire GPS Tracker?
Image Source: spy-spot.com

The Spy Spot tracker can be installed under the dashboard and easily be concealed. It is suitable for covert applications.

It offers features like tracking with Google Maps, satellite and street view, geofences, and reports with details like speed, ignition on/off, and locations.

It includes a kill switch using which you can control your vehicle remotely.

You need to opt for a pricier monthly service plan to access the complete range of features.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.


  • It is a compact and lightweight device.
  • You can get 1-minute updates with a premium service plan.
  • You set geofence perimeters and receive entry/exit alerts.
  • You can access six months of historical data.
  • It includes a kill switch that can disable/enable your vehicle.


  • Spy Spot charges an activation fee.
  • The low-cost service plan provides only hourly updates.
View Latest Price


The Spy Spot 4G hardwire GPS tracker is priced at $58.

You will need a service plan for the tracker to work. Spy Spot has two plans: low-cost and premium.

The pricing details for the low-cost service plan are as below:


The pricing details for the premium service plan are as below:


For long-term service plans, that is, 3, 6, and 12 months, you have to pay for the whole term at the beginning.

Spy Spot charges an activation fee of $9.95. There are no cancellation fees.

Please note the low-cost plan provides hourly updates. It does not include features like ignition updates and speed alerts.


Does the Spy Spot hardwired tracker include a SIM card?

Yes. The hardwired tracker comes with a pre-installed SIM card. You do not have to make any additional purchases.

Does Spy Spot offer bulk discounts on GPS trackers?

Yes. If you want to purchase GPS trackers in bulk for your business, visit the Spy Spot website. You can save up to $350+ in bulk discounts.

Will the hardwired GPS tracker work with the ignition off?

Yes. The hardwired GPS tracker will continue to work. You will get hourly updates when the ignition is off.

Will the GPS tracker work in Europe?

No. The Spy Spot hardwired tracker currently offers coverage in the US, Canada, and Mexico.


The Spy Spot 4G hardwire GPS tracker can be used to track your cars, motorcycles, vans, and delivery trucks. It has a 3-wire installation which is best managed by professionals.

As the tracker draws power from the vehicle, you do not have to worry about charging the device. You can track the device using the tracking platform or the SpySpotGPS app.

The platform lets you view information like the last location, event, and time. The app offers a better UI experience.

The kill switch is the distinguishing feature of the tracker. You can remotely disable/enable your vehicle, protecting it from potential theft.

Overall, it is a good GPS tracker, but Spy Spot should work on offering more features with its low-cost plan.

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