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Jiobit Gen 2 GPS Tracker Review for Kids

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Are you searching for a tracking device that is specially designed for kids? A tracker that works well for you to keep a real-time track of your kids without much of a hassle, then you are at the right spot to learn more about it.

The location tracking market is flooded with options. With updated modules and technological features, tracking devices are getting more enhanced, easy to use, and fully customized for everyone.

Hence, you should definitely explore the Jiobit GPS tracker. This tracking device is specifically designed to ensure the safety of kids in places like parks, playgrounds, and markets. So parents do not lose sight of their kids in crowded areas.

Jiobit tracking device tops in every tracking device market. It is an expensive device on the market, but it’s totally worth it for you and your kids safety.

Product Overview
ModelJiobit Smart Tag
Dimension1.96 x 1.45 x 0.47 inches
Weight0.63 ounces
TypeLPWA CatM1 Cellular + GPS + WiFi + BLE
BatteryLithium Polymer
Charging Voltage5V
Live Location ReportingEvery 10 seconds
Geo-Fence Alert Time1 to 3 minutes
History7 days
CoverageUnited States
Cellular DataUnlimited (SIM included)
Device Price$169.99
SubscriptionFrom $8.99 to $14.99 monthly
Warranty1 year limited
Amazon Rating4 out of 5 (2224 ratings)

Our Rating



Ease of Use

Ease of Assembly

Battery Life

Value-Added Features


Customer Support

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

About Jiobit

Jiobit is a brand developed from a parent’s concern for the child’s safety. The vision was to create a wearable tracker that would be lightweight, creatively designed, and have a long battery life.

The tracker was specifically designed for kids. However, with its growing popularity, the device proved helpful in tracking elderly parents, adults with special needs, and pets.

Jiobit’s product range includes location monitors, protective sleeves, and attachment accessories. Due to 5G service limitations, currently, the brand offers coverage in the US only.

Who is the Jiobit GPS Tracker For?

Location trackers are majorly designed to track vehicles, valuables, and luggage. You can use these versatile devices to track people. But Jiobit is a tracker that was designed keeping in mind humans, especially kids.

The tracker is as small as an Oreo cookie and lightweight. It also comes with different attachment options. So your child will have no issues having the tracker on them. As the tracker weighs about 0.63 ounces, kids with sensory issues can also have it on them without discomfort.

The Jiobit tracker has a decent battery life that lets you track your kids anytime, regardless of the distance. The tracker surface is slip, water, and shock resistant. So the tracker will stay put even if your kids are running, jumping, or frolicking around.

You can set up geofencing alerts to ensure they are in a safe area. Adults can use the device to share their location with their loved ones. It can act as your personal security system.

Lastly, the Jiobit GPS tracker is an ideal choice for every concerned parent who wants their child to be always safe when they are out playing somewhere.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

Jiobit claims the tracking device works best for kids. It provides several features like smart tracking, live mode, care teams, and trusted places. Our Jiobit review tests these features and considers other factors like design, accuracy, battery life, and usability.

Here are the primary factors we consider for the tracker review.

1. Design


The Jiobit GPS tracker’s dimensions are 1.96 x 1.45 x 0.47 inches. It is uniquely shaped like a pear. It weighs only 0.63 ounces. Comparing them against other GPS trackers like LandAirSea 54 and Bouncie, they weigh about 2.64 ounces and 1.13 ounces, respectively. So, the Jiobit tracker is indeed lightweight.

The outer layer of the device is anti-slip, water, and shock resistant. It is ISO 10993-10 compliant, and IPX8 rated.

When you receive the package, you will have everything necessary to charge, attach and use the tracker immediately. Inside the box, you will find the device with an integrated loop, charging dock, and USB charging cable. Attachment options like Secure Loop, Star Clip, and Hem Lock clip are also included.

The attachment options are one of the best things we like about the design. For example, the strap clip can easily be attached to backpacks, pet collars, and harnesses. In addition, we found the clip to be sturdy and secure even with high-intensity activity.

The pin lock pouch kit is another attachment type we like. You can place the tracker pouch inside your clothes, use the pin to attach it and lock it on the outside. Then, you can use the key to remove the lock. If discretion is necessary, this method would be the best.

Overall, the tracker is well thought out in terms of design. The size and attachments work well for kids who are always fidgety and restless while playing.

2. Battery

According to Jiobit, its active use battery life is 7 to 20 days, depending on usage. For example, if you consistently use the tracker, its battery can last for a week. However, if you use the tracker for pets that typically stay indoors or at nearby locations the battery can last for 20 days.

But this is not the case. With consistent use, we found the tracker needs to be charged every 2 to 3 days. In the case of the majority of indoor applications, the battery lasts around a week.

Jiobit does recommend energy-saving settings to improve battery life. For example, the gray side of the tracker should always be facing upwards or outwards. This ensures good signal strength.

You can add places like your home, school, or daycare to the trusted places list. The tracker will go into power-saving mode when it is in a predetermined boundary.

These practices do help save battery, but for consistent use, you will have to charge the device every three to five days. The tracker can last about a couple of weeks or more in power-saving mode. The device takes about two and a half hours to charge completely.

3. Usability


The Jiobit tracker is one of the easier devices we have set up. You first have to download the Jiobit app and create your profile. Then, place the tracker in the charging dock. Next, turn the Bluetooth and location on to pair the device with the app. Once the device is paired the device will blink orange.

From here on, you can add trusted places, connect with Wi-Fi, and customize other alerts. Trusted places work like geofencing alerts offered by other trackers. For example, you can set two types of boundaries. One, a manual boundary of 100 to 800 feet in diameter. Second, a Wi-Fi fence.

If you have issues or need guidance during the setup process, visit Jiobit’s Help Center. Here you will find quick start guides, phone setting recommendations, and customization instructions.

4. Performance


Jiobit offers accurate and reliable tracking information. However, the notifications can take a minute to three to be delivered. So you need to get smart about customizing the alerts and setting up boundaries.

For example, if you have a family member or a nanny looking after your kid, you can add them to the ‘care team’ list. Then, you can connect the tracker to the care team member’s phone using Bluetooth. This way, you will receive accurate location information and faster notifications.

If you want real-time updates, you can switch to ‘live mode.’ The interface works like maps. You can use it to track your kids when they are traveling. Jiobit mentions the live location is reported every 10 seconds. This is true, but in some cases, the updates were a few seconds delayed. This may happen in case of poor signal strength.

We do not like that live mode is unavailable if the tracker is inside the trusted places radius or connected to a care team member.

The data can be off by 10 to 70 feet or more in terms of accuracy. Ensure the gray side of the device is always outward to receive the most accurate details.

Jiobit has partnered with Noonlight to offer users an automated security system. Users can activate SOS mode which will alert your care team. It will also send emergency details and location to an official dispatcher, who will contact the user. The SOS feature is expected to be released this year.

5. Value-Added Features

One of the most helpful features is the alert button on the face of the device. Your little one or elderly parents can send an emergency alert by pressing the button twice or thrice. You can customize who receives these emergency alerts. This feature comes in handy when the wearer does not have a phone around them.

The separation alarm is another distinguishing feature of the tracker. If the tracker gets out of a connected phone’s Bluetooth range, it will trigger a notification and an alarm. You can set the alert range on the app between near and far. The feature is useful when visiting amusement parks, malls, or playgrounds.

If your kid or pet tends to hide inside the house or outside, you can use the ‘ring Jiobit’ feature to track them. A cellular connection is enough to trigger an alert if the tracker is outside a trusted place. The device will flash red and also emit a chiro-like sound. If the tracker is inside a trusted place, you will first have to find its location on the map and move closer to establish a Bluetooth connection.

As the tracker is designed especially for humans, its value-added features stand out from the other devices in the market.

What Sets the Product Apart from Competitors?

The Jiobit GPS tracker provides reliable location data. You can set up boundaries with trusted places and Wi-Fi fences. You can set separation alarms, see how far the device is from your phone, and invite members to join the care team.

Jiobit has a patented progressive beaconing technology. It helps the device switch between GPS, cell, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals and provides high availability.

You can purchase the product and use it for a month to see if it works out for your needs. If you are unhappy with the tracker’s performance, you can return the same within 30 days of purchase. You can explore the 30-day return policy in detail on Jiobit’s website.

The device is water and shock resistant. If the wearer accidentally spills water or the device stays submerged in water for less than 30 minutes, it should work as usual. You cannot wear the device when going swimming. But it should be able to handle an occasional spray or submerging.

Jiobit ensures data protection by encrypting data when it is transmitted or stored. All communication between the device and the app is encrypted.

Should You Purchase the Product?

Should You Purchase the Product

Jiobit is ideal for users who want to ensure their kids are in their predetermined safe areas. If the device wearer has a caretaker, you can track if the caretaker is around them. It is also a good device to keep track of children at amusement parks, playgrounds, and other public places.

Jiobit does offer live mode, wherein you get updates every 10 seconds. But using the mode for a long time can quickly drain the battery. So, if your priority is live tracking, then explore other tracker brands.


  • The tracker is small-sized and lightweight, weighing about 0.6 ounces.
  • The build is IPX8 rated. The outer shell is water and shock-resistant.
  • Several attachment options are included with the kit.
  • You can purchase a pin lock pouch kit for secure and discrete applications.
  • The tracker provides accurate location information.
  • Distinguishing features include separation alarms, proximity bars, and care teams.


  • The battery life is different from what is advertised. With consistent use, you will have to charge the tracker every couple of days.
  • The notification time can take 1 to 3 minutes, which is comparatively slower than some tracker models.
  • Lower monthly fees come with a contract.


The Jiobit GPS tracker is priced at $169.99. The device cost makes it one of the pricier options in the market. In addition, to start using the device, you will need a monthly subscription. The subscription prices are as below:

ContractMonthly Subscription
2 years$8.99
6 months$12.99
No Contract$14.99

We, as well as several Jiobit reviews, recommend purchasing a monthly subscription initially. You can cancel the subscription any time you want. And if you are not satisfied with the tracker’s performance, you can apply for a return.

If you opt for a six-month or two-year subscription and cancel before the due date, you will be charged a 25% early termination fee. In addition, the SIM card that comes with the device will be deactivated after six months and cannot be reactivated.

If you choose to reactivate the Jiobit device within 6 months of cancellation a $35 reactivation fee will be applicable.


Does Jiobit work in rural areas?

Jiobit relies on GPS and cellular networks to determine the location and send notifications in rural areas. If you receive a good Wi-Fi signal in the area, connect it to Trusted Places to improve accuracy and notification timing.

Does the Jiobit GPS tracker work without the internet?

No. You do not have to necessarily connect the Jiobit GPS tracker to the internet to receive location updates. But this may lead to issues like slower notification time and battery drain.

What cell network does Jiobit use?

The latest edition of the Jiobit GPS tracker uses the low-power 5G-Compatible network by Verizon.

Does the Jiobit tracker make noise?

In general, the Jiobit tracker does not make any noise. But it will start making noise if you have set up the separation alarm or use the ring Jioit feature

Are GPS trackers reliable? And which is the best tracker for kids?

Yes, GPS trackers are definitely reliable and useful whether you are using it for tracking kids, adults, or vehicles. Ensure to get a tracker of a good brand for accuracy and longevity. The Jiobit GPS Tracker is one of the best for kids.


As a parent, it is totally understandable to be worried about your kids whereabouts. However, it is not possible for us to accompany them everywhere, so the best alternative is to use GPS trackers. There are specific trackers for kids available in the market.

We hope this detailed review of Jiobit GPS tracker will be helpful for you, and if you are convinced that this tracker is the perfect one for your kid, then go grab it soon!

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